data protection legislation

A Senate proposal for a new US agency to protect Americans’ data is back

Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has revived a bill that would establish a new U.S. federal agency to shield Americans from the invasive practices of tech companies operating in their own backyar

National U.S. Privacy Laws Are Needed

Somehow we missed "privacy" from the initial constitutional design and amendments thereafter. This "right" was not endowed to us by our Founding Fathers, and does not make up the conscience of our jur

Europe’s Top Court Rules 2006 Telecoms Data Retention Law Is Invalid

The European Court of Justice (ECJ), the top court in the European Union, has ruled that an EU-wide law that requires telecoms companies to store user-data for up to two years so it can be handed over

US Government Still Leaning On Europe To Dilute Data Protection Reform Proposals

The U.S. government is continuing to lobby Brussels to water down plans to reform privacy legislation. The European Union's executive and legislative bodies are in the process of reforming the region'