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The new face of data leaks is fuzzy

I dare say that nobody wants to be the target of malicious hackers, and certainly doesn’t want private data out there in the hands of unknown third parties. As individuals, we keep secret our most p

Google’s Chrome Web Store will boot apps and extensions violating new user data guidelines

Google is cleaning up its Chrome Web Store – the marketplace where you can browse for extensions and apps for its Chrome web browser. The company says it’s making changes to browser&#82

EU Approach To Regulating Data Needs More Hope And Less Fear

From Britain’s railway mania of the 1840s to the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s, innovative new technologies have routinely touched off periods of near hysteria as marketers and commentators promi

Don’t Sleep On New Data Privacy Regulations

Chalk it up to the Snowden Effect. Although it has been nearly three years since Edward Snowden turned the world on its head by releasing a trove of highly sensitive documents, the ripples of his deci

Will 2016 See The End Of Closed-Source Politics?

As the presidential primary campaigns heat up across both parties, voters are increasingly gravitating toward outsider candidates like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson -- candidat

Your Data Blind Side

You might be about to see companies like Facebook, Google and many others whose business models depend on using their customers’ data, scramble in the wake of a case currently in front of the U.S. S

Google Offers Webform To Comply With Europe’s ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Ruling

Live in the European Union and want some old, irrelevant info about you deleted from search results? Google has now implemented a search removal request mechanism for people living in Europe who belie

9 Tech Firms Receive Perfect Scores In EFF Ranking Concerning Data Protection From The Government

Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Dropbox were each awarded perfect scores in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) yearly scoring of major tech companies’ practices whe

Pixeom Is An Anti-Corporate Cloud Device That Wants To Give You Back Your Data Privacy

Meet Pixeom, a prototype device being Kickstarted by brother and sister duo Karishma and Sam Nagar, with the aim of offering alternative cloud services that don't require you to hand over the keys to

Facebook Wins Court Challenge In Germany Against Its Real Names Policy

Facebook has won a court challenge against its real names policy in Germany. Yesterday an administrative court in the North of Germany granted Facebook's request for "suspensive effect" against a ruli

Facebook Graph Search Is Humorless, Creepy And Doomed To Disappoint

Facebook's newest feature Graph Search -- a tool which lets users datamine their friends' and strangers' photos and interests -- merely adds to the site's stalkerish reputation. Sharing anything on Fa

Europe v Facebook Privacy Campaign Group Is Preparing To “Fight” Facebook In Ireland, Sets Up Crowdfunding Platform To Fund Legal Fight Against Irish DPA (Updated)

The European activists behind the Europe v Facebook campaign group have stepped up their long running battle against the social network. The group has indicated it is preparing to "fight" Facebook in