Data Plans

  • AT&T To Roll Out New Shared Data Plans Up To 20GB Beginning Late August

    AT&T To Roll Out New Shared Data Plans Up To 20GB Beginning Late August

    Just over a month after Verizon announced its shared data plans, AT&T is announcing its own today. Still no word on whether they will charge iPhone users to FaceTime over a cellular connection, though. Starting next month AT&T customers will be able to switch over to a shared mobile data plan. Plans start at 1GB a month for $40 plus $45 per device up to 20GB for $200 plus $30 per device. Read More

  • Would-be Canadian iPhone buyers ticked off, start petition over data prices

    The just-announced iPhone 3G pricing plan for Rogers in Canada isn’t going down too well. One intrepid Canadian started a Web site,, that has a petition targeting the rather unfair prices. So far, more than 17,000 people have signed the petition, which is intended to make Rogers drop the price of the iPhone data plan. The site’s creator has even written an open… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless offers overpriced data-only plans

    Verizon Wireless has announced some new data-only plans that “are designed to meet the needs of customers who primarily rely on messaging to communicate with others.” Now replace “customers” with “Verizon” and “communicate with others” to “make an ass-load of money.” Far be it for me to tell you how to spend your hard-earned cash, but… Read More

  • Drop that horrendous data plan for your iFones, but…

    Well, lookie lookie at what AT&T did for all you crazed iFones owners. They’ve given you the option to drop your data plan down to $0, which is nice, though, you lose Visual Voicemail, SMS text messaging and unlimited data (re: no more e-mail and Web). Now, I don’t own an iPhone nor do I really know what the data plans are so this could all be old news, so I implore the CG… Read More

  • AT&T Won't Reveal iPhone Data Plan Till June 29

    AT&T won’t reveal the much ballyhooed iPhone data plans until June 29, the date of the phone’s launch. How nice of them. Here’s a choice quote from an AT&T senior vice president: Regardless of which device you’re using today, you pay us a certain amount for (voice) minutes, and you also pay us for data units,” he says. “That is also true on the… Read More