• Google Adds New Collaboration And Sharing Features To Its Analytics Dashboards

    Google Adds New Collaboration And Sharing Features To Its Analytics Dashboards

    If you’re using Google Analytics, chances are you have already customized a dashboard for your specific needs. But now, when you develop a new dashboard that may be useful to others, you can share both the dashboard itself or a template for it with others in your profile. Sharing templates was previously available in Google Analytics, but as Google notes, being able to share the… Read More

  • Business Dashboards Get Instant Widgets, And Geckoboard Gets $1.5M From Top Investors

    Business Dashboards Get Instant Widgets, And Geckoboard Gets $1.5M From Top Investors

    Geckoboard, the London-based developer of an online dashboard product that lets businesses monitor company-related information in real time through the use of widgets, has today announced two key pieces of news to fuel its growth: it has picked up its first round of funding, $1.5 million, and it is launching a new feature that lets users create their own widgets for all the services that… Read More

  • His Dashboard App For iPad Rejected, Developer Publishes Code On GitHub

    When developer Rich Hong published a sneak preview video of his home-made Dashboard app for iPad, plenty of commentators deemed it cool and a potentially very useful addition to the tablet device’s software stack. Alas, Cupertino has now rejected the app for “contradicting the iPad’s user experience”, whatever that means (I guess Apple doesn’t want even a hint… Read More

  • Dashboard App For iPad: Sneak Preview Video

    Dashboard App For iPad: Sneak Preview Video

    The iPad is coming alright – shipping notices have started popping up this morning, although I’d wager you won’t see the first ones effectively arrive until the 3rd of April. At launch day, expect at least 100 apps straight out the gate, and likely double that. We got a heads up from Carnegie Mellon student Rich Hong this morning: he built a widget dashboard app for the iPad… Read More

  • The big Xbox 360 Dashboard update is waiting for you

    When you get home from work today, or get out of bed, the Xbox 360 Dashboard update will be ready to go. (I’m holding out on updating for a few days; I’m no man’s guinea pig!) It’s pretty exciting. Read More

  • What to expect from next week's Xbox 360 Dashboard update?

    The latest update to the Xbox 360 dashboard comes out next week (August 11), a few more details of what to expect have surfaced. More movies, more Avatar accessories, downloadable Xbox 360 games, etc. Looks to be good stuff for those of you who actually use the Dashboard. Read More

  • Caught in the act: Panasonic's Vieracast, NeoPDP ‘slim’ HDTV

    My friends! IFA is beginning to take off, and I finally had a few minutes to grab some photos of some that Panasonic hotness I mentioned yesterday. Behold, Vieracast. Like I said, it’s sorta like Dashboard for Mac OS X. The screen is filled with a bunch of non-moving widgets that show the weather, stocks, etc. It’s not really a huge deal, but it’s something that many TV… Read More

  • Futuremark designs stunning dashboard concept for Audi

    Some companies are better at building user interfaces than others. Nissan recognized this and hired Gran Turismo folk for the GT-R control screen. Then Futuremark strolls in with a dashboard concept that simply kick-ass. The system is a full, live dashboard environment all shown in 3D graphics. From the gauge cluster to the GPS screen, the entire thing can all change on the fly thanks to… Read More

  • Xbox 360 avatars limited to E10+ rated games

    Xbox Live GM Eric Kilgore revealed at Gamefest that those fun little avatars we can expect from the new dashboard update will be limited when they first roll out. “We are still developing the final policies,” he said, adding that “The final guide we have this year is to think of them in an ‘E10’ context. That doesn’t mean it won’t change – but… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Dashboard re-design to use motion controller

    Word on the street is that Microsoft will launch a re-designed Xbox 360 Dashboard alongside the long-rumored [Spring?] Dashboard update. That Microsoft is thinking about of integrating that motion controller that was mentioned a few weeks ago is both unexpected and annoying. One of the reasons I prefer the Xbox 360 to the Wii when I play games is the “normal” interface. I like having… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Dashboard update confirms DivX support

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard update definitely includes support for what are "often referred to as Xvid or DivX video files." I know it’s not earth-shattering news and  I know that most of you probably already know about this, but I just wanted to get it out in the open. I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers or rile anybody up. Read More

  • Xbox 360 fall dashboard update deets

    We already knew about the parental controls, Xbox originals and the cyber stalking social networking feature and now we have a few more details on the fall update for you to ponder over until 2AM PST on December 4th. Inside Xbox will be a direct feed of current news straight from Xbox.com to your dashboard. The world is ending as we know it. You can have a full blown profile like you would… Read More

  • Google Desktop for Macs now supports Gadgets

    Well, this seems rather pointless, but Mac users now have the option of installing a new version of Google Desktop that allows you to install gadgets. What is Google Gadgets? Nothing special, really. They’re just mini-apps that you can add to Dashboard to show you things like the weather, photos, and e-mail. Said Gadgets are installed into the Dashboard rather than having a separate… Read More

  • Leaked 360 Dashboard Updates

    Apparently GameSpot posted — and yanked — a video of the 360 Dashboard updates coming May 7. Good stuff includes: – Releases May 7th.
    – Add up to 600 Windows Live Messenger contacts to your Friends List.
    – Text chat with up to 6 Live Messenger contacts at once during games or movies.
    – The Marketplace will be getting its own Dashboard Blade.
    – The… Read More