Amazon adds loads more branded Dash buttons in UK

Amazon has doubled the total selection of branded Dash buttons available to UK members of its Prime subscription service, to more than 100, just over a year after launching the push-button wi-fi gizm

Amazon’s Dash Wand barcode scanner returns with Alexa and is now essentially free

The first iteration of Amazon’s Dash Wand wasn’t long for this world. The company trialed the barcode scanner with select Prime Fresh customers in California, but the hardware didn’t seem to rea

VAVA’s new dash cam lets you video while you voom

I usually don’t like to post Kickstarters unless I’ve seen the product firsthand but I also love dash cams. What was I to do? Luckily VAVA was able to supply a demo unit so I can report th

Amazon’s latest Dash button will send you a randomly assorted box of candy

Amazon’s latest (physical) Dash button is like a “I’m Feeling Lucky” for candy. When pressed, the button will send you a box with a random assortment of small-batch candy made

Mobile payment app PaidEasy buys Happy, first winner of the Make It In Brooklyn pitch competition

Just over a year after it won the inaugural Make It In Brooklyn pitch competition (and the $50,000 cash prize that went with it) the Brooklyn-based startup Happy has been acquired by PaidEasy, a New Y

Reserve acquires mobile payments startup Dash

Restaurant reservation startup Reserve announced today that it has acquired Dash . When you make a reservation through Reserve, the app already handles payment (including splitting the bill), but by a

Smart Driving App Dash Expands Into The Trucking And Analytics Business

Dash, a driving app we’ve previously described as a “Fitbit for cars”, has announced it is expanding beyond consumer-facing products with Dash XL and Dash IQ, two new products design

Amazon’s Supply Reordering Service Gets Integrated In Nearly A Dozen More Household Devices From GE, Samsung, Oster And More

Amazon this morning announced a significant expansion of device partners who will support its Dash Replenishment Service - the initiative that enables connected household devices to monitor their supp

Amazon’s $5 Dash Button Already Hacked To Do Other Stuff Beyond Giving Amazon Money

Need something to spark a bit of creativity this week? How about a super clever hack for Amazon’s $5, single-purpose Dash buttons? The Dash buttons were originally meant to serve as a quick way

Dash Launches Chassis, An API To Build The “Internet Of Cars”

Dash was one of the earliest and most design-focused apps to offer direct connectivity to your car via their OBD-II port, which is designed to provide mechanics with detailed stats and information. No

Dash’s Smart Driving App Arrives On iPhone

The Dash smart driving assistant that made its debut earlier this year on Android has launched on iPhone answering one of the most frequently heard requests from its users. The Dash app, which is back

With A Series Of Upgrades, Dash Becomes A Viable Competitor Among Smart Driving Apps

Dash, a smart driving app that’s something of a “Fitbit for you car,” is now rolling out a series of updates, including integration with notifications platform IFTTT, as well as an A

Dash Restaurant Payments App Nabs $1.2 Million In Funding, Launches iOS 7 Update

<a target="_blank" href="http://dashwith.me/">Dash</a>, the mobile payments service for bars and restaurants, has today secured a $1.2 million seed-2 round from Mike Germano, CEO of Carrot Creative, a

Dash’s Smart Driving App – A “Fitbit For Cars” – Arrives On Android

Dash, a Techstars New York-backed startup that wants to be like a Fitbit for your car, has now launched. The product includes a combination of a hardware device and smartphone application which offers

General Assembly Launches Dash, A Tool For Coding Newbies

As General Assembly moves <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2013/10/04/general-assembly-shuts-down-co-working-space-in-nyc-to-focus-on-education/">away from co-working</a> and focuses more heavily

Dash Robotics Reveals A DIY High-Speed Running Robot Kit, Which Hobbyists Can Own For Just $65

Dash Robotics is using crowdfunding to help build its first hobbyist robot for home robotics enthusiast, with the aim of providing advanced tech for very little money thanks to a unique combination of

TC’s Picks From TechStars NY Summer 2013 Class

We're here at the TechStars 2013 Summer class Demo Day, and the graduates are nothing short of delightful, from a service that helps church congregations make donations to a Fitbit for cars to a servi

The Dash Car Dongle Wants To Make You A Better Driver By Syncing With Your iPhone

I love my tiny little Mazda, but I'll be honest -- I still don't completely understand how it <em>works</em>. That's never really bothered me before (I'd much rather geek out over a phone or something

Content Optimization Platform Parse.ly Scores Biggest Customer Yet With Reuters; Now On Track For Profitability By Q1 2013

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.parse.ly/">Parse.ly</a>, the content optimization platform for publishers <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/01/03/parse-ly-will-launch-its-pageview-generati

Parse.ly Will Launch Its Pageview-Generating Machine Called “Dash” This Month

<a href="http://www.parse.ly/">Parse.ly</a>, the stealthy data-driven predictive content optimization platform for publishers, is preparing to launch its first product called <a href="http://cogtree.w
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