dark knight

  • Man builds Batman's Tumbler in his garage

    A man by the name of Bob Dullam has created a complete replica of the Tumbler from The Dark Knight. The guy built the entire thing in his garage for the cool sum of $50-70,000. So, a handy guy with money. Rare as hen’s teeth. Just one week till the movie comes out here in Barcelona. There better not be lines. Oh, as long as we’re gushing over Batman again, you might enjoy this… Read More

  • Found in Taiwan: Dark Knight edition Xbox 360

    This Dark Knight edition Xbox 360 was spotted in Taiwan. Microsoft is said to have produced only a handful of these, so don’t expect to be able to walk into your local Best Buy any time soon. Read More

  • More Lego Batman impressions: It's fun!

    Attention, Batman and video game fans. Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the dandiest gaming blog out there, has given its professional opinion (two opinions, actually) on Lego Batman, a game we’ve covered as part of our boyish infatuation with The Dark Knight. As you might expect, RPS liked what it saw. Playing as Mr. Freeze and the Riddler, RPS pranced about, doing all sorts of Lego-y and… Read More

  • Newsflash: People like good movies

    More often than not, it’s the simple explanation that makes the most sense. Commenting on a recent LA Times woe-for-the-movie-industry piece, Techdirt arrives at the stunning conclusion that people will pay to go see a good movie. The LA Times article describes in detail the efforts that the industry took to delay The Dark Knight including shipping the movie reels in separate shipments… Read More

  • The new Batsuit in The Dark Knight has plenty of tech beneath it

    DarkKnightGear continues with a deep, almost philosophical look at the tech behind the new Batsuit that has Batfans-a-talking. (God, could I sound anymore like Variety?) Christopher Nolan, the film’s director, told the Los Angeles Times that it doesn’t make any sense for a superhero to be running around in a heavy, non-breathing latex that restricts one’s movements. This… Read More

  • Video: IMAX, The Dark Knight & you

    Popular Mechanics has about 20 seconds of non-trailer footage of The Dark Knight wherein the director, Christopher Nolan, explains his decision to film certain parts of the movie using IMAX cameras. Of course, the video itself isn’t embedable, but a quick trip to YouTube fixed that problem. Thanks, Popular Mechanics! Possibly even better, the second, most recent trailer in Lego form. Read More

  • Dark Knight: The Musical

    This guy Andrew has added lyrics to famous theme songs, including the Batman theme which is halfway between being absolutely brilliant and intensely nuts. via BB Read More

  • An apology… and a dark gift – Last chance

    Because we failed to hold on our moratorium I’m offering one Verizon Nokia 6205 BATMANG! phone to the lucky commenter who can really curse out the iPhone in comment. Please use as much vitriol as possible and include your email address. We’ll pick one winner at random at noon on Saturday. UPDATE – The winner is Greatslack. You guys got really mean. Wow. Read More

  • Popular they may seem, Batman movies don't make as much money as you'd think

    Flickr’d So this is sorta surprising. Despite how seemingly popular the Batman movies have been, that awful one starring George Clooney notwithstanding, they don’t seem to make all that much money. Adjusted for inflation, the first movie is still box office king with $436.4 million at the box office. Batman Begins pulled in $226.3 million. The worst, of course, was that… Read More

  • "The Dark Knight" already sold out

    Has anyone else tried purchasing tickets for the midnight showing? I just tried and Fandango is a dirty, filthy liar. The midnight showing at the IMAX here in NYC was lit up all red like tickets were available, but it really wasn’t. I want to cry now. You suck, Fandango. Read More

  • First review of The Dark Knight: Rolling Stone absolutely loves it

    For whatever reason, we’ve been following The Dark Knight like it’s our job, posting the latest trailers and gossiping like a bunch of hens. So imagine our delight when we read the first published review of the latest Batman movie in Rolling Stone, a publication that’s usually too cool for the room for us to care about. Surprise, surprise, though: they liked it! Like, 3.5 out… Read More