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Third (hopefully) Nolan directed Batman to hit theaters in 2011, says executive producer

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/batman.jpg" alt="" /><i>Batman Begins</i> and <i>The Dark Knight's</i> executive producer Michael Uslan has just signed on for the next i

"The Dark Knight" returns to theaters

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/poster-art-for-the-dark-knight-the-imax-experience.jpg" alt="" />Just a heads up to the folks out in the crowd that "The Dark Knight" is

If they made a ‘Dark Knight’ NES game…

<img src="http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/dqz6utXc9B4/default.jpg">…the opening sequence might look something like the above video. It’s been on YouTube for almost four months now, but you know what they s

The Dark Knight Blu-ray Limited Edition 2-disc set comes with a Bat Pod

The regular Blu-ray edition of The Dark Knight is selling for $25 while the LE is fetching a hefty $65, but it does get you that badass Bat Pod. TheHDRoom via Giz

Video: Dark Knight and Toy Story 2 mashup

Some people have way too much time on their hands. via The Matt Hickey

"Dark Knight" hitting IMAX again in January

Warner Bros. have their eyes set on swooping up some Oscars this year with the “Dark Knight”, so they’ve announced that Christopher Nolan’s epic sequel in the Dark Knight serie

Johnny Depp confirms that he's not the Riddler, Guy Pearce says he's interested

That’s not to say he won’t be cast in the role, but here’s to hoping they haven’t locked him down, which means David Tennant still has a chance and Guy Pearce as the Riddler se

Move over Halle Barry, here comes…Cher? [Update]

That’s right. Christopher Nolan wants 62-year-old Cher to play Catwoman in “The Caped Crusader”, which begins filming in Vancouver next year. I really wish they would recast for the Riddler. I l

BREAKING: Next Dark Knight villians revealed

Psych! These are just renderings from Aussie artist Josh McMahon, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they were real? Not a big fan of seeing another Catwoman anytime soon, but I’m down with Har

Man builds Batman's Tumbler in his garage

A man by the name of Bob Dullam has created a complete replica of the Tumbler from The Dark Knight. The guy built the entire thing in his garage for the cool sum of $50-70,000. So, a handy guy with mo

Found in Taiwan: Dark Knight edition Xbox 360

This Dark Knight edition Xbox 360 was spotted in Taiwan. Microsoft is said to have produced only a handful of these, so don’t expect to be able to walk into your local Best Buy any time soon.

More Lego Batman impressions: It's fun!

Attention, Batman and video game fans. Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the dandiest gaming blog out there, has given its professional opinion (two opinions, actually) on Lego Batman, a game we’ve covered

Newsflash: People like good movies

More often than not, it’s the simple explanation that makes the most sense. Commenting on a recent LA Times woe-for-the-movie-industry piece, Techdirt arrives at the stunning conclusion that people

The new Batsuit in The Dark Knight has plenty of tech beneath it

DarkKnightGear continues with a deep, almost philosophical look at the tech behind the new Batsuit that has Batfans-a-talking. (God, could I sound anymore like Variety?) Christopher Nolan, the film&#8

Video: IMAX, The Dark Knight & you

Popular Mechanics has about 20 seconds of non-trailer footage of The Dark Knight wherein the director, Christopher Nolan, explains his decision to film certain parts of the movie using IMAX cameras. O

Dark Knight: The Musical

This guy Andrew has added lyrics to famous theme songs, including the Batman theme which is halfway between being absolutely brilliant and intensely nuts. via BB

An apology… and a dark gift – Last chance

Because we failed to hold on our moratorium I’m offering one Verizon Nokia 6205 BATMANG! phone to the lucky commenter who can really curse out the iPhone in comment. Please use as much vitriol a

Popular they may seem, Batman movies don't make as much money as you'd think

Flickr’d So this is sorta surprising. Despite how seemingly popular the Batman movies have been, that awful one starring George Clooney notwithstanding, they don’t seem to make all that mu

"The Dark Knight" already sold out

Has anyone else tried purchasing tickets for the midnight showing? I just tried and Fandango is a dirty, filthy liar. The midnight showing at the IMAX here in NYC was lit up all red like tickets were

First review of The Dark Knight: Rolling Stone absolutely loves it

For whatever reason, we’ve been following The Dark Knight like it’s our job, posting the latest trailers and gossiping like a bunch of hens. So imagine our delight when we read the first p
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