• LG Dare vs LG Versa: fight!

    LG’s two hottest full-touchscreen phones are out in the wild on Verizon, and if you’re not interested in going with an Omnia, Blackberry, or Centro, they might just be a good match for you. PhoneDog has a pretty exhaustive deathmatch video here, so if you’re wondering whether the Dare is under-featured or maybe whether the snap-on keyboard for the Versa is chintzy, this is a… Read More

  • LG's Dare gets photographed

    The Dare, LG’s version of the Prada phone for Verizon, has been spotted in the wild, and it’s a good looking phone. The iPhone-like Dare has a full frontal touchscreen, LG’s fancy new UI, a decent camera at 3.2-Megapixels wtih a flash, a good browser, and other fun stuff. Those on Verizon wanting some more touchscreen love — if phones like the Voyager aren’t… Read More