• Yahoo Nabs Display Ads Startup Dapper

    Most recently in the news for its executive exodus last week, Yahoo announced on its corporate blog earlier today the acquisition of San Francisco-based Dapper, a startup that specializes in fancy contextual display ads, i.e. ads that take what is happening on a content producer’s website as a cue from what to serve up to viewer. Both Yahoo and Google have been working on optimizing… Read More

  • Dapper MashupAds Turn Your Website Into Contextual, Display Ads

    The most important ad for a company or brand is its Website. So why not use that Website to generate ads? Dapper, a startup that can create a feed from any Website, is applying its technology to generate contextual, display ads from the constantly changing content on an advertiser’s own site. The new service is called MashupAds. It is currently in private beta. The first 150… Read More

  • Yahoo Loses Search Monkey Product Manager

    Yahoo may be pushing ahead with its strategy to open itself up to outsiders (this weekend was Hack Day), but insiders are still streaming out the door. Even some of the product managers driving the open strategy are not sticking around. We have learned that Amit Kumar, the director of product management behind Yahoo’s Search Monkey and semantic Web initiatives, is leaving by the end of… Read More

  • Deadpool: Teqlo Finds Out That Mashups Don't Make Money

    Making my point that it is hard to make money from mashups, investors have pulled the plug on Teqlo. The startup, backed by Peter Rip, was originally focused on being a widget-based tool for creating mashups, competing with Yahoo Pipes, Dapper, and OpenKapow. Then it tried to morph into a vague “Web-based workflow” company, and lost its CEO. Founder Jacoby Thwaites tells… Read More

  • Dapper to Launch Instant Facebook AppMaker

    This Tuesday, Israel-based Dapper will launch the private beta of Facebook AppMaker, a new tool that the company claims will provide people with a dead simple way to create new Facebook applications. At its core, Dapper allows users to create API’s called “Dapps” by selecting data from Websites, RSS/XML feeds, Google Gadgets, and more. Each “Dapp” is an XML which… Read More

  • Five Ways to Mix, Rip, and Mash Your Data

    Call them pipes, teqlos, dapps, modules, mashups or whatever else but fact is that recently we have seen a good number of new services that allow developers and users to build mini-apps and mashups that mix and re-mix data. Here we run through 5 applications that allow you to mix, rip and mash your data, looking at the data input, output, REST support, suggested use, and required skill… Read More

  • OpenKapow: Not Quite Dapper

    Today, Kapow Technologies has launched a new developer community, OpenKapow, based around their Kapow web-crawling bot. OpenKapow lets anyone use Kapow’s visual IDE (Kapow RoboSuite) to more easily program and share bots that make RSS feeds, REST services, and web clips, which can serve as the backbone for all kinds of mashups. The IDE weighs in at 110MB, so sit tight for a long download. Read More

  • Make Your Own Netvibes Modules With Dapper

    Mashup creation tool Dapper announced today that its users can now easily create new modules from any data source for placement in the popular start page Netvibes. Dapper is a company that’s either glorifying screen scraping or leading the charge towards data portability, depending on your perspective. I like it a lot. Working with Dapper to enable fast user creation of new modules is… Read More

  • Dapper puts weather.com (and Matisyahu) on your calendar

    Since we profiled Israeli startup Dapper, the controversial and very intriguing service has added about 2,000 new data sources that anyone can mix and mash from sites around the web. That’s been done in one month. The company calls itself a way to “create an API for any website,” though others call it a fancy screen scraper. Whether it’s a legitimate business or… Read More

  • Create an API for any site with Dapper

    A new service called Blotter from startup Dapper (dappit.com) is getting some good coverage around the blogosphere today. Blotter graphs Technorati data for any blog over time. Most exciting to me though is Dapper’s basic service, just launched this week. The company says it’s effectively offering an easy way to create an API from any website. This might look like crass… Read More