• Mall cop robot startup Knightscope is launching a “mini-IPO”

    Mall cop robot startup Knightscope is launching a “mini-IPO”

    Knightscope, the Dalek-like mall security robot startup we’ve mentioned here before has decided to do one of those new crowdsourced “mini-IPOs.” Also referred to as Regulation A+, these types of public offerings for private companies just became legal about a year ago to give startups access to capital from just about anyone. They are basically crowdfunding with… Read More

  • Dalek Invasion of Earth

    If you remember the original Doctor Who, or have been catching the new series on the Sci-Fi Channel in America then you probably know that a group of Daleks together is never a good thing. Unless of course it is part of exhibition honoring the long-running British sci-fi series, in which case the more Daleks the better. Yesterday the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester brought… Read More

  • Doctor Who Is Calling?

    During its heyday in the 1960s the UK was bombarded with all sorts of products related to the cult science fiction series Doctor Who. With a successful new series going strong – a third season is about to start next week – it is no wonder that a mini-wave of product tie-ins is being released. The latest include Doctor Who Phone Charms, which feature a miniature Tardis (forever stuck… Read More