• DailyBooth So Excited About iPad 2 Camera That They Close A $6 Million Venture Round

    DailyBooth, a site where (mostly) teens have conversations via text and photos of themselves, has closed its first big round of funding – $6 million – in a round led by Ignition Partners. Previous investor Sequoia Capital and a number of angel investors also participated in the round. Devices like the iPhone 4, with a front facing camera, are particularly DailyBooth-friendly. The… Read More

  • DailyBooth Gets An iPhone App Worthy Of Your Gaze

    When DailyBooth finally released an iPhone app back in July, it made a lot of sense. After all, the iPhone 4 had just been released and it featured a front-facing camera for the first time — the perfect tool for a service which asks you to take pictures of yourself. Unfortunately, while the idea was right, DailyBooth’s first iPhone app just wasn’t very good. So the… Read More

  • Photo Sharing Is The Next Evolution Of Social (TCTV)

    While photo sharing has always existed as a function on social networks, it seems like we’ve seen a huge explosion in the past couple of months with apps like Instagram, Picplz, Path and DailyBooth all making huge debut splashes and/or scaling fast. DailyBooth CEO Brian Pokorny holds that the sudden focus on photo sharing can be traced to three things 1) An increase in quality of cameras… Read More

  • Back Of The Phone Apps: Instagram, Picplz, Path Vs. Front Of The Phone App: DailyBooth

    Today during the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, DailyBooth CEO Brian Pokorny took the stage to talk a bit about “picture talking” — that is, social communication through photos. Obviously, Pokorny believes this is a key form of communication amongst the younger generation. But he’s not the only one. Mobile photo sharing apps are getting a lot of buzz and gaining a lot… Read More

  • #trickortreat: Show Off Your Halloween Costume On DailyBooth

    Halloween is an exhibitionist’s paradise, and nowhere do more (safe for work) exhibitionists congregate online than places like DailyBooth, a site which allows you to upload a photo of yourself, um daily. YC-funded DailyBooth has decided to get into the Halloween spirit this year (or is just really good at spotting opportunities for marketing itself) and is running a program that… Read More

  • It's As If The iPhone 4 Was Created For DailyBooth; Their App Will Prove It

    It's As If The iPhone 4 Was Created For DailyBooth; Their App Will Prove It

    Even if not everyone will admit it, everyone likes taking pictures of themselves. I suspect it’s the not-so-secret reason why users are addicted to DailyBooth — the service which asks you to take pictures of yourself (or something you care about) to document your life. With that in mind, it’s almost as if the iPhone 4, with its front-facing camera, was built for such a service. Read More

  • How Can Brands Best Get In Front Of Digital Audiences?

    We’re still here at the first TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York. Up on stage right now is an interesting group of people discussing how brands can best engage with digital audiences in this day and age. This is an overview of what Judy Hu, Global Executive Director of Advertising & Branding at GE, Brian Pokorny (CEO of dailybooth), Christopher ‘moot’ Poole of… Read More

  • SV Angel Partner Brian Pokorny Now CEO Of Dailybooth

    SV Angel Partner Brian Pokorny Now CEO Of Dailybooth

    SV Angel, the angel fund founded by super-angel Ron Conway, is losing one of its general partners to a portfolio company. Brian Pokorny is now the CEO of fast-growing Silicon Valley-based Dailybooth. Dailybooth, the runner up in the “best social app” and winner of the “time sink” categories at this year’s Crunchies Awards, is “your life in pictures.”… Read More

  • The Realtime Agenda For The Realtime CrunchUp

    Over the past few weeks, it’s definitely been crunchtime as we’ve been putting together the panels and demos for our Realtime CrunchUp on November 20 in San Francisco. Get your tickets here. After much back and forth, and with the help of our Realtime Board, we finally have an agenda we are very excited to present (see below). Speakers will include Twitter COO Dick Costolo… Read More

  • YC-Funded DailyBooth Raises $1 Million From Sequoia, Kevin Rose, Ron Conway Et Al.

    When we first covered real-time photo-blogging service DailyBooth last August, we had noticed how remarkably vibrant the community already was, and how quickly the site was amassing tons of traffic. The startup was launched in February 2009, received some initial seed funding from Y Combinator over the summer and has now raised an additional $1 million from an all-star team of institutional… Read More

  • Silicon Valley Elite Flock To Y Combinator Demo Day

    I’m here at Y Combinator’s Demo Day, where the latest batch of the incubator program’s startups are showing off the fruits of their labor to a room of press and VCs from around Silicon Valley. The turnout today is huge — VCs representing billions of dollars in managed funds are here, with investors from US Venture Partners, XG Ventures, Founder’s Fund… Read More

  • 140 Characters? That's A Lot Of Writing. Just Post A Picture On DailyBooth

    It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Translated into this Twitter world we now live in, that’s like, thousands of characters. Thousands easily beats 140, so the people constantly complaining about Twitter’s brevity need to check out DailyBooth. What is it? It’s a Twitter-like quick message service, only the main form of communication is pictures. You can… Read More