dai nippon printing

  • Japanese researchers use nanotechnology to fight fake money

    A group of researchers from Tokyo-based Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) and the University of Tokyo has developed a new technology [JP] that makes it harder for criminals to counterfeit paper money or other valuables made of paper, i.e. coupons or vouchers. It can also be used to make credit cards more secure, too. Read More

  • Dai Nippon's organic solar cells pave way for cheaper solar energy

    I think everyone agrees that using solar energy is generally a good thing to do, but there are usually two problems: cost and effective conversion rates (sun light to solar energy). Now Tokyo-based Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) has developed an organic thin-film solar cell that does away with the need for using (expensive) silicon for the production of these cells. And it’s relatively… Read More

  • "DynaCube 3D" makes it possible to view natural-looking 3D images by the naked eye

    Shots made using the Dynacube3D method (viewed from the left, front and right) A group of Japanese researchers from Dai Nippon Printing and the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology developed a printing technology that supposedly makes it possible to view high-quality 3D images by the naked eye. The new printing technique makes it possible that perceived images are changing when… Read More

  • Japan gets inexpensive, yet innovative solar cells

    Japanese companies Gunze and Dai Nippon Printing are each developing new technologies that make it possible to produce low-cost, pigment-sensitized solar cells. Gunze focuses on low-end solar cells that can be used to power smaller electronic appliances or in-store ad displays, for example. Their cells will use a film, which is coated with special pigments, as a power source. Gunze, actually… Read More