• CrunchRumors: Nikon D90 replacement specs

    This is strictly a rumor at this point, but the replacement for the D90 is looking interesting. Nikon Rumors got a whisper of the basic stats, and here’s what we’ve got: 16MP DX Sensor Noise reduction algorithm from the D700 Full HD video capabilites (1080p?) Video auto-focus capability Body made partly from aluminium Again, we don’t know for sure that this is true, but… Read More

  • Retailers pulling Nikon D90s to prepare for new model? Update: Confirmed

    The D90, Nikon’s popular and versatile enthusiast DSLR, may be approaching the end of its lifespan. It was leaked in August of 2008 and has been a solid contender ever since, despite having some serious skew on its video. And now, almost two years later, it appears to be being pulled from retail shelves in order to make room for a successor. It is whispered that this successor will… Read More

  • 5 seriously overhyped digital cameras

    Although I’m a big fan of the Casio EX-F1 and wrote at length last week on how major the RED announcement was, I can’t disagree with this list. The D90 hasn’t lived up to its hype, the 1D Mk III does have serious problems, the Scarlet is simply not viable as a DSLR, and the EX-F1 is a one-trick pony. This isn’t to say that these cameras are weak — on the… Read More

  • Settle in for DPReview's Nikon D90 Review

    In one of their trademark incredibly in-depth reviews that has made them perhaps the authority on digital cameras on the internet, DPReview now takes on the Nikon D90. This successor to the popular and excellent D80 improves in a variety of areas, including: more megapixels (12), faster motor drive (4.5fps), improved ISO and low-light performance, a better, bigger LCD screen (3.0")… Read More

  • That must be Nikon D90 video, 'cuz jam don't shake like that

    http://i477.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid477.photobucket.com/albums/rr134/jamesmel9/DSC_0012.flv I was certainly impressed by the D90’s videos a few weeks ago, but it seems that the rolling shutter issues created by the way data is pulled from the sensor make much of the video completely ridiculous — as some have noticed. Jelly motion! RED ONE’s (the forums for… Read More

  • D90 and Panasonic HVX200 high-def video battle

    The Chronicle Project over on Vimeo took Nikon’s latest DSLR, the D90, and pitted its HD video capability against a true, $5200 high-def camcorder, the Panasonic HVX200. It’s a tad┬ásurprising┬áthat while the HVX does beat out the D90 in resolution and clarity, the D90 has better color depth and an overall fine picture. Camera geeks will point out that both pictures could be… Read More

  • D90 Box looks like every other Nikon box, except for the "D90" part

    That other site has some pictures up of the new Nikon D90, that storied camera whose features and capabilities have been the subject of many a post here at the Crunchness. The pics they have appear to have been taken by a meth-addled man jumping up and down and waving at someone with his camera hand — and he’s riding a Harry Potter vibrating broomstick. Anyway, the box is… Read More

  • Nikon D90 is real, not just a collection of spy shots

    Well slap my butt and call me Sally! The Nikon D90 is real and not just a collection of spy shots that essentially blew the Nikon wad prematurely over the past twenty days or so. It has a 12.3-megapixel sensor, ISO 6400 support, and live video view with HD video recording. The D90 has a .15-second start up with 11 point auto focus and 3D tracking, a cool feature that keeps your subject in focus… Read More

  • Nikon D90 official stats, pics from all angles

    Yes, you’re probably tired of hearing about the D90, what with post after post after post, all by me. And I’m not even a Nikon guy! It’s not our fault the info has been leaking out in fun-size pieces rather than the whole kit and kaboodle. At any rate, this is the last D90 post until — ah, who am I kidding. We’ll probably have another one tonight. Pics from… Read More

  • Target reveals Nikon D90 DSLR

    If anyone cares Nikon’s next DSLR, the D90, is prepped for sale at Target with an 18-105MM lens. The 12.3-megapixel camera has an estimated weight of 7.05 pounds and it’s estimated shipping dimensions are 10.7- x 8.5- x 7.9-inches. And that’s about it. via Nikon Rumors Read More

  • Nikon D90: first pictures surface, shot of video mode too

    It’s hurricane D90 up in here! I’m too poor to buy one, but this pic on the right excites me because now I no longer have to photoshop “D90” onto other Nikon DSLRs whenever some specs hit just to have a picture. Nikon Rumors, who got that picture there, also got a shot of the D90 in video mode. Looks pretty much like everyone thought it would. I wonder if they have… Read More

  • Best Buy has D90s in the system too

    The much-anticipated Nikon D90 is about to leave the nest! Circuit City had it in their inventory list a couple days ago, and now Best Buy is popping a D90 as well. As was speculated and semi-confirmed, it’s going to cost about $1300 and it should be available on or around September 7th. Read More

  • Nikon D90: 12 megapixels, GPS, and video capture?

    Has Nikon taken a few too many battery grips to the head? The D90, purportedly the replacement for the sub-$1000 D80 DSLR, is said to feature video recording in its Live View mode. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure video recording is nice to have, but what market are they looking at here? The video will almost certainly be inferior to a dedicated video device, and the people… Read More

  • New Nikon DSLR bodies and lenses rumored for June

    If you’re in the mood for a new Nikon body, you might want to wait a month or so, according to the rumor mongers at Photography Bay. The D3x is expected sometime soon as Nikon’s challenger to the Canon 1D mkIII crown. More interesting to me is the mysterious D90/D80x, which is expected to undercut Canon’s 40D pricing but compete on features. All these D’s and numbers… Read More

  • According to the Internet, Nikon D90 is coming soon

    Attention, Nikon camera nerds: the Nikon D90 (or D80x, perhaps) is likely on it’s way. the camera is similar in features to the D80, save for a few technical upgrades and a larger viewscreen. Look for it at PMA 2008 at the end of January. Nikon D90 [PhotoBay] Read More