• Nikon acknowledges D5000 power-on issue, fix coming next week

    So apparently the Nikon D5000 DSLR has a small problem where it doesn’t always turn on. Nikon has just issued a service advisory where the company address the issue. Read More

  • The Nikon D5000 available for pre-order via Amazon

    If you’re the type that simply must have the latest gadget the day it comes our – you know who you are – then head on over to Amazon to pre-order the articulating screen-equipped and HD video shooting Nikon D5000. Only the kit is available for purchase, but we hear the 18-55mm F.3.5-5.6G VR lens isn’t that bad anyway. $849. Read More

  • D5000 sample images posted

    The D5000 was just an Internet rumor 24 hours ago. Nikon went official with the high-end entry-level DSRL late last night and we are already seeing images from the camera. Read More

  • Nikon announces swivel-screen D5000, for real

    Yes, dear readers, the D5000 we’ve all suspected existed (as late as tonight, look two posts down), does indeed. Nikon’s new high-end consumer DSLR has hit, and it looks like a serious contender with its wealth of features and sub-$1000 price point. It’s not going to walk on water or anything, but it makes for a very compelling alternative to, for example, my own Canon… Read More

  • Nikon D5000 official pics leaked

    Well, the rumors about the D5000 have been flying fast and furious, and now it looks like someone at the leak factory let some pictures out a bit early — “early,” that is, if this camera from Nikon is going to debut at their press event tomorrow as we believe. As you can see, there’s a 2.7-inch swivel screen (swiveling from the middle, oddly). But that’s not its… Read More

  • Is this the Nikon D5000? [Update 2]

    This looks like something that may or may not be a future D5000 SLR with bigger flash, microphone (for video) and maybe even full frame sensor. Kor krikey! We’ve been following this yeti for some time now and it seems that NikonRumor’s rumors are coming true. To recap, they thought the D5000 would drop during PMA. Update: More pics and release date revealed.
    Update 2: We have specs… Read More

  • EVERYONE! There is a new Nikon coming! Spy Shots!!!

    OMG. It seems that the rest of the internet has finally caught wind of the upcoming Nikon DSLR and is currently climaxing over some spy shots of said camera. The supposed spy shots do not reveal much of the D60’s successor (perhaps called the D5000) we haven’t covered over the last few months with the exception of what appears to be a movable, and perhaps live, LCD screen. That is… Read More

  • The Nikon D5000 coming next week at PMA?

    There has been mumblings that Nikon was going to introduce a new, entry level DSLR to replace the aging D40/D60 lineup and that DSLR might just might launch next week at PMA. Besides the MP count, details really aren’t flowing but we’re hoping Nikon has a nice DSLR in the works. Read More

  • Nikon prepping a new entry level DSLR, the D5000?

    According to the rumor, the D5000 will take over the role as Nikon’s entry level DSLR. Details aren’t exactly plentiful, but it sounds like it would be on par with the D90’s image quality, lack a AF motor like the D40/D60 and have more than three AF points. Sounds possible, right? It basically would be a stripped down D90 which would hopefully come to market around the $600 mark. Read More