• Review: Creative ZiiSound D5 and D200 Wireless Speakers

    I first got the Creative D5 and D200 speakers way back in June and have just gotten around to cracking them open and trying them out. It’s hard to write about a 2.0 speaker set simply because it’s not extremely super-exciting on the surface. However, if you’re looking for a good, wireless speaker system for the bedroom or kitchen, these are two kids that are worth looking… Read More

  • iRiver D5 e-dictionary looks nice, wish it had Wi-Fi

    The thing about electronic dictionaries is that they’ve gotta have useable keyboards. The thing about portable internet devices is that, oftentimes, they don’t have useable keyboards. Alas, I wish these electronic dictionary manufacturers would all just start adding Wi-Fi and web browsers to these devices. Take the iRiver D5 “Diciple”, for instance. It’s got… Read More

  • iRiver M10 GPS Receiver and D5 Electronic Dictionary: Guess Which One Wouldn't Sell Here?

    iRiver has recently been branching out from the DAP and PMP business and into other, far stranger territory. Two new devices, the M10 GPS navigator and the D5 electronic dictionary, are scheduled to make their debut at a Korean trade show later this month. We can tell from the leaked pictures that the M10 will have built-in DMB (and what gadget doesn’t in Korea?) and multimedia… Read More