• Rumor: Nikon's 2009-2010 roadmap

    Nikon Rumors may or may not have Nikon’s 2009-2010 product roadmap, but we kind of hope what it’s the real thing. It’s loaded with six upcoming DSLRs and tons of lens, including the D3000 and D300s being announced on August 4th just like we thought. Then next year we should see the rumored D4 with the D4x coming later in the year, along with the D400 and a Coolpix model… Read More

  • Nikon D400 coming this summer?

    We have been reporting on the D400 rumor for what seems like forever. The fabled SLR is suppose to rock a 14.8 MP sensor and shoot HD video. So far we haven’t seen anything official from Nikon but so many little slips must mean that the camera is coming soon. Plus, there is this thing about a Nikon D400 book already in the works… Read More

  • Nikon D400 term popping up as search term

    Chances are that Nikon is prepping another dSLR dubbed the D400. Now, if that camera is going to be a 24MP, touchscreen wunderkind, that’s something altogether different but at least the model name seems to be correct. The term D400 is starting to return search results with accessories that matches a Nikon camera showing that some data inputers are at least using the model number as a tag… Read More

  • The Nikon D400 to include 24MPs and a touchscreen?

    The Internet tubes have been rumbling about a new, high megapixal Nikon dSLR coming sometime this year and that rumor just got a little more official with a list of specs. The detailed list certainly seems feasible with a 3.5-inch touchscreen and dual SD/CF storage slots, but the 24MP spec throws up some questions, expessially if this digicam is to be called the D400. Read More

  • D400 Rumor: too good to be true?

    That repository for all things both shadowy and Nikon-related, Nikon Rumors, has posted an anonymous tip they got concerning possible specs for the Nikon D400. The rumors have been a bit irresponsible concerning this camera, endowing it with two sensors, GPS, and multi-touch. The truth is probably a little more like these specs seem to indicate: a really sweet $2000 prosumer camera with lots… Read More