• Are These The Specs For The Upcoming Nikon D3100? Hopefully

    Rumors have been flying left and right about Nikon’s upcoming cams. The word around the tubes is that both the D90 and D3000 are getting a refresh real soon. We supposedly saw the specs for the D90 replacement last week and now a German magazine published with what they claim are the D3100 specs. Hopefully it’s not twisted joke because these specs would make the D3100 one hell of… Read More

  • Official Nikon D3100 Announcement Expected August 19th

    We’re expecting to get official word on the D3100 next month; Nikon is currently planning a press event the week of August 16th-20th in Europe, which is pretty typical. It’s expected that there will be two events, one to announce the launch of new Coolpix cameras, and one to announce the launch of the previously rumored D3100, as well as some new lens. More details after the jump. Read More

  • CrunchRumor: Nikon's new entry level camera will be called the D3100

    We’re calling this one a rumor, but it’s pretty much confirmed. Nikon is expected to announce their newest models at Photokina, but there’s always leaks before the show. Word got out a few months ago that Nikon was going to release a new entry level DSLR this year, something between the D3000 and D5000. The previous rumor was that it was going to be called the D4000, but… Read More