• JVC Busts Out Two 3D Full HD Projectors [Update: Available In The US Next Month]

    Last month, we’ve blogged about the DLA-HD250/250Pro high-end projectors JVC introduced on the American market. In Japan, home theater freaks will soon [JP] be able to lay their hands on two D-ILA branded projectors that both can produce 3D images and feature full HD resolution, the DLA-X7 (in black) and the DLA-X3 (in black or white). Read More

  • JVC launching the JVC DLA-HD350 & DLA-HD750 D-ILA projectors

    JVC just announced the companies latest D-ILA projectors slated for a European launch at IFA. These two new models will be added too, rather than, replace the current DLA-HD1 entry- and DLA-HD100 high-end models but still have the 15,000:1 contrast ratio found on the current models. Both of the new feature new motorized lens assemblies and keystone adjustments for greater control and… Read More