Tesla’s $50,000 threat to Cybertruck resellers may be back after all

Tesla’s warning to Cybertruck resellers and scalpers appears to be back. An apparent early Cybertruck buyer claims they spotted Tesla’s $50,000 legal threat again in an order agreement for

Fiat’s new EV looks like the anti-Cybertruck

Last week, Tesla dropped details on the Cybertruck and maxed-out Cyberbeast. After all that talk of supersized trucks, the North American release of the Fiat 500e buggy hits like a frosty mug of ice w

What’s up with Tesla’s Cybertruck? Everything to know about the much-hyped electric pickup

After four years, the long-awaited launch of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup has come and gone. The boxy vehicle is Tesla’s first new model since 2020, when it started delivering the Model Y. Y

Tesla Cybertruck delivery event: Everything Elon revealed about the EV pickup

With dubstep as the soundtrack and neon lighting as the backdrop, Elon Musk handed the first Cybertrucks over to a select group of customers that included Reddit co-founder and VC fund Seven Seven Six

The end of Elon

Standing on the rear bed of his greatest boondoggle, his face obscured in shadow, the billionaire who built a rabid fanbase through seemingly inhuman feats of engineering and willpower cut a greatly r

How the Tesla Cyberbeast compares to other high-priced electric pickups

After keeping some key specs close to its proverbial chest, Tesla is finally sharing more details about the final production versions of the Cybertruck electric pickup. Tesla published battery, speed

Tesla’s cheapest Cybertruck won’t drop until 2025

Bad news: If you had your heart set on a sub-$40,000 Cybertruck, it ain’t coming next year, if ever. Though Tesla plans to ramp up production of its electric pickup in 2024, the company clarifie

Innovation or folly? The Cybertruck will test whether anyone still trusts Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck, the first of which will be delivered Thursday four years after its debut, is loved and loathed. For fans, it’s a symbol for what Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk stand for: crea

Tesla hits reverse on threat to sue Cybertruck resellers

Tesla seems to be walking back the punitive limits it placed on buyers of its yet-to-be-released Cybertrucks. As recently as yesterday, a Tesla US order agreement page included a threat to sue Cybertr

Elon Musk warns Cybertruck won’t be profitable until 2025

Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued a warning Wednesday about the soon-to-be delivered Cybertruck that might sound familiar to those who closely followed the company’s Model 3 “production hell&#822

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries set for November 30

Tesla has finally set a date for the first deliveries of the Cybertruck. CEO Elon Musk posted on social media Wednesday that the Cybertruck delivery event, which traditionally means a few select custo

Tesla now sells $8,000 vinyl wraps, hinting at clever Cybertruck solution

Model 3 and Model Y owners can now have a “self-healing urethane-based film” installed by Tesla. It costs $7,500 – $8,000 and is only compatible with 2023+ models. The range of color

Cybertruck spied with updated interior

The summer of 2023 is almost over and still we don’t have a Cybertruck. But thanks to an apparent serendipitous visit to a regular ol’ parking lot in San Francisco, there are some fresh i

Tesla hits $25B in Q2 revenue, but margins decrease amid price cuts

Tesla reported Wednesday net income of $2.7 billion in the second quarter, up 20% from the same period last year as once again, the company’s EV price cuts dug into profits. The automaker has repeat

Tesla Q2 2023 earnings expectations: Cybertruck news and price cut effects

Tesla will announce its second-quarter earnings Wednesday after the bell. Investors will be listening out for more details on the much-delayed Cybertruck, as well as how Tesla’s many price cuts have

Ford slashes the price of the F-150 Lightning EV pickup

The Ford F-150 Lightning is now a bit less expensive. The automaker announced today significant price cuts to its electric pickup, citing improved manufacturing efficiencies as the cause of the lower

Tesla announces first Cybertruck build ahead of Q2 earnings

Tesla over the weekend said its first much anticipated Cybertruck came off the electric vehicle maker’s production line in Texas. The debut of the long-delayed, futuristic-looking pickup truck c

Tesla’s silly new accessory is a big, tough home charger

Meet Tesla’s latest gadget: A home charging station that looks as futuristic as a Porsche hard drive from the early 2010s.  The Cybervault seems to be a Tesla Wall Connector in a decidedly Cyb

Ford halts production and shipments of electric F-150 Lightning over battery concerns

Ford paused the F-150 Lightning’s production and shipments due to a potential battery issue, a stoppage that has now been extended and could last a few weeks. The stoppage started at the beginni

The electric RAM 1500 REV is packed with screens and, surprisingly, buttons and knobs

RAM used some of its 2023 Super Bowl ad time to show off some goodies built into the upcoming electric RAM pickup. The RAM 1500 REV, as it’s called, is Stellantis’ first entry into the gro
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