To end cyberterrorism, the government should extend a hand to the private sector

The reality is that while companies can get smarter about cyber defenses and users can get more vigilant in their cyber hygiene practices, only the government has the power to end this behavior.

Cyber threats from the US and Russia are now focusing on civilian infrastructure

Cyber-confrontation between the U.S. and Russia is increasingly turning to critical civilian infrastructure, particularly power grids, judging from recent press reports.

Cyberterrorism and the role of Silicon Valley

For the moment, at least, cyberterrorists have not harnessed the technology needed to destroy Western civilization from a basement lab in some remote corner of the world. Although a “cyber-Armageddo

Trump’s wall misses the mark: We need a cyber wall, not a physical one

It’s 2016. There isn’t a wall high enough to keep out the fastest-growing threat to our national security: Cyberterrorism. It follows that our vulnerable corporate networks constitute the border w