Video: Newest Version Of Cyberdyne's Robot Suit HAL Up And Close

<img src="" /> I have been a fan of Japan-based <a href="">Cyberdyne</a>'s robot suit <a href

Cyberdyne Shows New Version Of Robot Suit HAL-5

<img src="" /> We've spent quite a few <a href="">posts</a> covering HAL-5, the awesome robot suit

Video: First American To Try Out Robotic Exoskeleton HAL-5

<img src="" /> The so-called <a href="

Pictures and video: Robotic exoskeleton HAL-5 up and close

<img src="" /> I had the chance to attend a <a href="">TED</a> event last weekend, namel

Cyberdyne Corp. starts exporting its robotic exoskeleton HAL-5 (video)

<img src="" /> A robot venture from Japan called <a href="">Cyberdyne</a> (yes, just