• Video: Newest Version Of Cyberdyne's Robot Suit HAL Up And Close

    I have been a fan of Japan-based Cyberdyne‘s robot suit HAL since I saw it for the first time in action about 6 years during a demo event in Tokyo. In a nutshell, HAL can help make paralyzed persons walk (and lift heavy objects) by transforming brain signals sensed through the skin into motion. Read More

  • Cyberdyne Shows New Version Of Robot Suit HAL-5

    We’ve spent quite a few posts covering HAL-5, the awesome robot suit that can make paralyzed people walk. Its maker, Japan-based robot venture Cyberdyne (yes, that’s the real name), is now introducing a new version that’s designed for people who suffer from muscle diseases and are in danger of losing their ability to walk. Read More

  • Video: First American To Try Out Robotic Exoskeleton HAL-5

    The so-called HAL-5 is probably the most advanced of the robotic suits designed to help elderly or disabled people walk out there. Made by Japan-based Cyberdyne, it enables handicapped people to walk around and lift heavy objects almost effortlessly – by thought alone. Read More

  • Pictures and video: Robotic exoskeleton HAL-5 up and close

    I had the chance to attend a TED event last weekend, namely the TedxTokyo conference, which took place for the second time in Japan. And as CrunchGear’s Japan correspondent, I was naturally most interested in the geekiest presentation delivered: that of Professor Sankai from Tsukuba University (near Tokyo). (The video was of the presentation was uploaded just a few hours ago, which is why… Read More

  • Cyberdyne Corp. starts exporting its robotic exoskeleton HAL-5 (video)

    A robot venture from Japan called Cyberdyne (yes, just like the evil corporation in the Terminator movies) has been in the news for years now for its futuristic exoskeleton HAL-5, a wearable robotic suit that helps paralyzed persons walk and lift heavy objects. Until now, the spectacular suit was marketed mainly in Japan, but today it came to light that Professor Sankai (the mastermind behind… Read More