Cyber War

  • South Korea Braces Itself For More Suspicious DDoS Attacks

    Oh, look, Cyber War‘s in the news, that marketing gimmick that plenty of people have used to make a few dollars writing scary sounds books. Wonderful. Cynicism aside, the South Korean government has warned its citizens to “firm up their electronic defenses” as a result of a rash of distributed denial of service attacks. The attacks could have originated in any number of… Read More

  • World Leaders Looking To Regulate Cyber War

    World leaders will be taking the first steps toward a universal definition of “cyber war,” and how to wage it legally, at the Munich Security Conference later today. (Presumably our invite was lost in the mail.) On the agenda: a new definition of the term “nation-state,” and figuring out how to update the Geneva and Hague protocols to make them compatible with… Read More

  • China Telecom Denies Internet Hacking Allegations

    China Telecom, alleged to have hijacked all that Internet traffic back in April, has denied any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has not commented on the matter. Hmm… Read More

  • Has The Threat Of Cyber War Been Overstated?

    Set aside several minutes of your afternoon to read Seymour Hersh’s latest article in the New Yorker entitled “The Online Threat.” It’s a long, long yarn on the dangers of cyber war. It begins with the United Stats’ utter lack of respect for the technological capabilities of China, and then goes on to address a larger question: is the U.S. prepared for any sort… Read More

  • U.S. Preps for Potential Cyber War Against China: Battle Stations, People!

    The United States of America. I love this country. Blindly. So when I read that China has taken steps to launch a “cyber war” against us, it greatly upsets me. A senior general in the U.S. military, the best military in history, recently said that while numerous countries try to hack the military’s network infrastructure, China goes above and beyond the established decorum. Read More