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Tata Power, a top power producer in India, confirms cyberattack

Tata Power, a leading power generation company in India, has confirmed it was hit by a cyberattack. In a brief statement released on Friday, the Mumbai-based company said that the attack impacted some

Ransomware ring claims attack on Africa’s largest retail chain Shoprite

RansomHouse, a ransomware gang, has claimed responsibility for the cyberattack on Shoprite, Africa’s largest retailer. The attack, which Shoprite confirmed a week ago, compromised customer data in E

Today’s huge ransomware attack has only made about $7,500 so far

Ransomware attacks are bigger than ever, but the payouts appear to be shrinking. While the ransomware suspected to be a variant of Petya makes headlines around the world, whoever set it loose isn't r

A massive new ransomware attack is spreading around the globe

A month after the WannaCry ransomware attack paralyzed connected systems worldwide, a new threat appears to be spreading quickly. As reports emerge, today's attack paints a picture of businesses and g

Microsoft calls for establishment of a digital Geneva Convention

As the public grows more concerned with state-sponsored hacking, Microsoft is calling on tech companies to form a so-called “Digital Geneva Convention” by promising to protect users from n

How do you truly secure the connected car?

We’ve become accustomed to staying connected whenever and wherever we are. All this connectivity is great, but it has also blinded us to the associated risks of being online at all times. Connected

Cyber insurance is changing the way we look at risk

If, or more accurately, when your company is hit by a cyber attack, do you have what you need to recover? Do you know what kind of losses you can afford to absorb in your bottom line? How do you manag

Information Sharing Is Key To Avoiding A Cyberattack

President Obama’s recent extraction of a pledge from Chinese leader Xi Jinping that neither government would conduct or continue economic espionage in cyberspace, while important, still comes up far

De-escalation Is The Answer To Today’s Growing Cyber Tension

Leading up to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States, media buzzed with talk of an unprecedented cybersecurity agreement on par with previous governance around the creation and ha

How The Rules Of Cyber Engagement Have Changed

A series of recent breaches at United Airlines, Anthem and, most recently, Sabre Corp. and American Airlines are reportedly tied to state-sponsored cyber attackers. These attacks further highlight an

Google Warns Thousands Of Users About Potential State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

According to the <a target="_blank" href="">NYTimes</a>, tens of thousands of users have seen the followin

Europe Ramps Up Cyber Attack Testing With Second Simulated Pan-Europe DDoS

Three hundred IT security professionals from across Europe are locking horns in a simulated cyber war exercise taking place today which -- if it were a real attack -- would be capable of disrupting se