• Exemode SQ28m: Cute mini designer digital camera (video)

    Japanese camera maker Exemode has developed the SQ28m [JP, the site is currently down], a mini digital camera that’s quite nice design-wise. The device is sized at just 53×23×19mm, weighs21g, can be used with your key chain and is available in red or blue. The SQ28m features 64MB internal SDRAM, but there’s also a microSD slot that you can feed with 2GB cards. It sports a… Read More

  • Hello Kitty Music Player Premium

    The Hello Kitty Music Player Crystal, made in cooperation with luxury brand Swarovski, I blogged about in October drew the attention of quite a few (mostly female) CrunchGear readers. One of the problems was the price: $150 for a fairly basic music player isn’t cheap. But now Japan-based Mouse Computer, in cooperation with iriver Japan, is offering a similar device. And their so-called… Read More

  • Japan gets ultra-cute Hello Kitty music player with sparkling Swarovski crystals

    Hello Kitty is 35 years old now, and she still continues to be the dream cartoon cat of millions of teenage girls. If you’re one of these people and have a penchant for gadgets on top of that, this new and strictly limited music player might be the right thing for you. The so-called Hello Kitty Music Player Crystal [JP] is the result of a cooperation between iriver Japan, Hello Kitty… Read More

  • Japanese company sells Lego ear phones

    This is too sweet: Japan-based gadget maker Elecom will soon start selling the “Sundries PLAYBRICK”, Lego-shaped ear phones [JP]. This is the same company that brought us the “Soundblock”, ultra-cute mini speakers, just recently. Read More

  • Poken gets a Pulse

    Poken, those little thingers that you touch together to trade contact info we talked about last SXSW, are now smaller. The Poken Pulse is a 2GB memory key with Poken RFID scanning built in. When you tap your Poken onto another person’s Poken it trades contact information and, um, to quote the website “we’re glowin’ green, killin’ two ‘birds,’ and… Read More

  • Super-cute Hello Kitty USB flash drive

    Sanrio, the company behind the dream of millions of teenage girls around the world, cartoon cat Hello Kitty, is to celebrate the cat’s 35th birthday on November 1st. Reason enough to team up with design USB flash drive maker Mimoco and give us the Hello Kitty X Mimobot, quite possibly the cutest USB stick out there. Read More

  • Thanko strikes again: Catgirl Earphones

    Tokyo-based crap gadget specialist Thanko is usually known for selling USB stuff nobody needs. Their newest hit product doesn’t feature a USB port, but the target group for their Catgirl Earphones [JP] should be quite small, too. Marketed as a gadget for the Cosplay crowd, the earphones are supposed to turn your girlfriend into a cute catgirl. Read More

  • Meet An9-PR, the cutest multi-purpose robot out there

    Japan-based security company ALSOK has developed an adorable robot [JP] that fulfills not one but a number of different functions. The so-called An9-PR can be used as a guide to help people in shopping centers or office buildings, an autonomously moving digital signage system or for surveillance. It’s the big brother of the An9-RR, which was introduced back in March. It features a… Read More

  • EGG Mouse mini: Japanese company sells extra-compact PC mouse

    There are quite a few mini PC mice coming out of Japan, but today Tokyo-based Elecom announced a model, which doesn’t seem very ergonomic to me. The so-called EGG mouse mini [JP] is the smaller version of a mouse Elecom rolled out last year (the – you guessed it – EGG mouse, which you can also see on the picture on the left). Read More

  • Epson Japan to sell super-cute Hello Kitty notebook

    The dream of millions of teenage girls around the world, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, gets yet another notebook in Japan. This time, the cartoon cat is supposed to boost sales of an Epson model, the Endeavor NJ2150 in “pearl white”. It will be available in two different versions. Read More

  • Soundblock: Elecom to roll out cute mini-speakers for your iPod

    Japan-based Elecom today announced the Soundblack [JP], an iPod dock connector/speaker for use with a number of iPod models (iPod 5G, iPod touch 1/2G), iPod classic and iPod nano 1/2/3/4G). The 0.04W mini system doesn’t support the iPhone though. Read More

  • Video of coffee-serving mini humanoid is awesome, gets 100,000 views in 24 hours

    A video of Hina [JP], a small female humanoid, is currently causing a sensation in the Japanese blogosphere. It shows Hina first grinding coffee beans, then brewing coffee before finally serving it to her master. And the little robot does it all by herself. I have no idea how they did this, but the video (essentially a silent mini movie) is the best thing you’ll see all day. Read More

  • Put your rodent on rails with the Hamtrack

    First, let us just acknowledge that “Hamtrack” is the best portmanteau of the year so far. Now, on to the products. I think you can see from the picture exactly how this utterly-genius pet toy works. Like a hamster ball but with wheels. I’m afraid the Critter Cruiser is unidirectional and thus a little limited, but the Hamtrack could be, and I don’t think I’m… Read More

  • Hello Kitty photo frame is almost too cute to be true

    We blogged about a number of particularly cute digital photo frames in the past, but this Hello Kitty model beats them all. Announced in Japan by Sanrio [JP] today (Sanrio is the corporation behind the cartoon cat), the device goes on sale in Nippon on May 31. There will be two variations. Read More

  • Puppy-shaped speakers prove not all USB dogs have to hump or crunch to be cute

    Humping or crunching USB dogs are out. The newest fad (at least in Japan) is owning puppy-shaped and USB-powered speakers [JP] for your computer. They are brought to you by Japan Trust Technology (what a name), a Tokyo-based Thanko competitor that has just released a USB-powered mini Zen garden. Read More

  • Video: Hold me closer, tiny robot dancer

    Something about the world’s smallest humanoid robot dancing in front of its own certificate is both heartwarming and hilarious. Even the rude metal riffs just add a layer cuteness. Read More

  • Crocheted White Album vinyl: the perfect addition to a Beatlemaniac's couch

    We don’t cover pillows a lot here at CrunchGear, but this was too cool to pass up. I like the idea of knit, crocheted, and plush gadgets — I don’t know if that classifies as a fetish or anything, but I think they’re great. And this cute little crocheted record is no exception. That is all. Read More

  • Adorable lost robots get where they're going with human help

    This is more in the line of sociology news, but it involves robots, so what the hell. A student at Tisch School of the Arts named Kacie has performed an interesting social experiment that cleaves closely to her school’s mission statement, which is to “bring delight and art into people’s lives.” She made a couple little robots which have no powers other than looking cute… Read More

  • Just in time for summer: Super-cute Hello Kitty ventilator

    There is a big number of gadgets available that feature Hello Kitty, the super-cute cartoon cat and love of millions of teenagers worldwide. There are Hello Kitty-branded digital cameras, alarm clocks, cell phones and even notebooks. Until today, only a ventilator was missing. Not anymore. Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, has started selling a mini ventilator that’s shaped like… Read More

  • Awww… Twitter helps you make friends with Shaq

    So you don’t like Twitter, huh? Lots of pablum, not much content? No real human-to-human connectedness? Well you’re wrong, Mr. Ludd, because Twitter helped two guys meet Shaq. Jesse Bearden was following The Real Shaq on Twitter and saw that he was at a diner near his home. Instead of saying “Twitter is not a uniter, it is an egocasting system designed for infantile… Read More