Exemode SQ28m: Cute mini designer digital camera (video)

<img src="" /> Japanese camera maker Exemode has developed the <a href="">SQ28m</a> [JP, the site is currentl

Hello Kitty Music Player Premium

<img src="" /> The Hello Kitty Music Player Crystal, made in cooperation with luxury brand Swarovski, <a href="http:/

Japan gets ultra-cute Hello Kitty music player with sparkling Swarovski crystals

<img src="" /> <a href="http://

Japanese company sells Lego ear phones

<img src="" /> This is too sweet: Japan-based gadget maker Elecom will soon start selling the "Sundries PLAYBRICK", <a hre

Poken gets a Pulse

<img src="">Poken, those little thingers that you touch together to trade contact info we talked about last SXSW, are now smaller.

Super-cute Hello Kitty USB flash drive

<img src="" /> <a href="">Sanrio</a>, the company behind the dream of millions of teenage girls a

Thanko strikes again: Catgirl Earphones

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based crap gadget specialist Thanko is usually known for selling USB stuff nobody needs. Their newest hit p

Meet An9-PR, the cutest multi-purpose robot out there

<img src="" /> Japan-based security company ALSOK has <a href="

EGG Mouse mini: Japanese company sells extra-compact PC mouse

<img src="" /> There are <a href="../2008/11/14/otas-e-blue-pequeno-24ghz-wireless-mouse-is-very-very-small/">quite a

Epson Japan to sell super-cute Hello Kitty notebook

<img src="" /> The dream of millions of teenage girls around the world, <a href="">Sanrio'

Soundblock: Elecom to roll out cute mini-speakers for your iPod

<img src="" /> Japan-based Elecom today announced the <a href="">Soun

Video of coffee-serving mini humanoid is awesome, gets 100,000 views in 24 hours

<img src="" /> A video of <a href="">Hina</a> [JP], a small female humanoid,

Put your rodent on rails with the Hamtrack

<img src="" />First, let us just acknowledge that "Hamtrack" is the best portmanteau of the year so far. Now, on to the products. I th

Hello Kitty photo frame is almost too cute to be true

<img src="" /> We blogged about a number of <a href="

Puppy-shaped speakers prove not all USB dogs have to hump or crunch to be cute

<img src="" /> Humping or <a href="

Video: Hold me closer, tiny robot dancer

<img src="" />Something about the world's smallest humanoid robot dancing in front of its own certificate is both heartwarming and hilariou

Crocheted White Album vinyl: the perfect addition to a Beatlemaniac's couch

<img src="" />We don't cover <a href="">pillows </a>a lot here at CrunchGear, but this was

Adorable lost robots get where they're going with human help

<img src="" />This is more in the line of sociology news, but it involves robots, so what the hell. A student at Tisch School of the Ar

Just in time for summer: Super-cute Hello Kitty ventilator

There is a big number of gadgets available that feature Hello Kitty, the super-cute cartoon cat and love of millions of teenagers worldwide. There are Hello Kitty-branded digital cameras, alarm clocks

Awww… Twitter helps you make friends with Shaq

<img src="">So you don't like Twitter, huh? Lots of pablum, not much content? No real human-to-human connectedness? Well y
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