Customer Service

  • Which cell phone provider has the best customer service? You might be surprised

    Given how much people depend on their mobile phones these days, it’s pretty much catastrophic when they stop working. Most these days don’t have a traditional land-line, so when your phone stops working, you lose touch with the world. So which carrier has the best customer service? Who can you depend on to help you in your hour of need? Read More

  • My chat with Verizon about FIOS

    I’ve been eying FIOS for a few years now – I know Doug has it and likes it – and was just inspired by a commercial on cable to pop by the Verizon site to check on FIOS in Brooklyn. Almost immediately I was shunted into a chat with “Philip” who proceeded to offer me DSL. Phil then encouraged me to “check back” with some regularity, something that would… Read More

  • Truly Comcastic service, for real this time

    We’ve made it a sort of hobby to post our Comcast experiences here at CG, more often than not because they’ve been terribletastic and we needed to be angry publicly for our own satisfaction. This time however it’s quite a different case so read on if you’d like to hear that rarest of tales: a tale of good customer service. Read More

  • Casio claims a fingerprint inside camera, voids warranty

    I understand that companies like Casio are dealing with large volumes and must enforce a certain level of scrutiny when it comes to returns, or face enormous costs from unnecessary replacements. But this is ridiculous. Like the laptop with “liquid inside keyboard,” Casio’s complaint is completely ridiculous and completely transparent. You can see the technician going down… Read More

  • For free: Sprint will teach its customers how to use their phones

    Not everyone spends all day in front of gadget blogs and the HowardForums, learning the ins and outs of their cellphone. It’s for these “normal” people that Sprint is launching a renewed effort to teach consumers exactly what it is their cellphones can do. The program is called “Ready Now,” and will officially be announced sometime today, when everyone is… Read More

  • Dell kind of bites the bullet on faulty GeForce M rigs

    Dell is offering a 12-month warranty extension for those of you suffering (or about to suffer) from faultily manufactured GeForce GPUs on your laptops. Their previous solution was to fool the BIOS into turning the fans up all the time, thus preventing overheating at the cost of noise and wear and tear — not really the best trade-off. So now they’re essentially saying… Read More

  • Customer receives million-dollar bill AND poor service

    The Register has a report on possibly the largest ever single-person phone bill, and the winner is…James Abdale, a Vodafone customer from Norwich, who got a bill for £588,198, and fifteen pence ($1,175,455 and two cents). Abdale, who posted his saga on Vodafone’s forum, spent over two hours on the phone with customer service before being told that all managers had gone home and… Read More

  • HP attempts to charge customer $1099 due to "liquid inside keyboard"

    Interesting approach to customer service you’ve got there, HP! Hot tipper Zack, who sent his still-under-warrantee HP laptop in to be serviced for a bad hinge, writes: Well today I received a call from an HP Tech Support guy. I was informed
    that liquid had been inside my keyboard and when they opened the computer to
    diagnose it, the liquid spilled onto the motherboard causing damage. Read More

  • Dell's new customer service scheme: North America-based, reps with actual knowledge

    Dell, the baked goods manufacturer, knows that Americans don’t like calling tech support only to get “Pete,” whose name clearly Shoaib, who tells them to restart their computer for every single issue. Fine, Dell says, it’ll improve customer service—legitimate solutions on the other end of the line—but you’d better be ready to pay for it. The… Read More

  • That car that Circuit City gutted? They're fixing it, nice!

    I’m the resident customer service curmudgeon around CrunchGear. I’ve worked customer service as both a peon and manager, and I’ve been on the other side, so I know what’s reasonable to expect. As I said a few weeks ago, if Circuit City destroys your car trying to install a stereo, they should fix it completely. Circuit wasn’t doing that, but reports are that… Read More

  • Dude, you're getting a Dell with pubes stuck in the keyboard!

    I’ve never had good luck with Dell’s customer service, it’s one reason why I just don’t recommend their products. One great example of this is a letter a young man named K sent to the Consumerist, detailing how Dell Support destroyed his old laptop while trying to troubleshoot his new one, and finally sent out a replacement. Good on them, you say, for making good on that. Read More