Customer Service

AWS launches Amazon Connect, productizes Amazon’s in-house contact center software

Twitter debuts custom profiles for businesses’ agents, so people don’t think they’re talking to bots

Twitter this morning is launching a new customer service feature for businesses using its service, which will allow agents to respond to direct messages using custom profiles. That is, their names an

Samanage raises $20M and makes enterprise play with new Salesforce integration

Samanage, makers of customer service software in the cloud, had a couple of major announcements today. For starters, they got a $20 million investment, and they also announced a major step: the launch

BirdEye raises $25 million for customer feedback management and monitoring software

Pitching a bird’s eye view of customer feedback based on social media comments and push surveys from the company, BirdEye (get it?) has raised $25 million in new financing. The software develope

With a $1.5M seed round, Eloquent Labs mixes AI and Mechanical Turk to fix customer service

Keenon Werling would be the first to agree that conversational AI is regularly overhyped. So instead of taking the traditional approach and gloating about a glitzy new deeper learning algorithm to pit

Salesforce LiveMessage brings messaging to Service Cloud

As more and more people use SMS and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger to interact with friends, it’s only logical that they want to interact with business that way too — and today Sa

Cogito closes $15M Series B to improve customer support with science

Cogito, a real-time feedback platform for customer service agents, added $15 million to its coffers today in the form of a Series B. This brings the company’s total fundraising to $22.5 million.

Twitter unveils new options for customer service

Freshdesk scores $55 million Series F round

Freshdesk has been moving beyond the pure customer service help desk for some time, and today it got $55 million to continue that expansion. The round was led by Sequoia Capital India with participati

Zendesk expands beyond the help desk

Zendesk has always been known as a customer service cloud application, and while its focus remains on the customer, it is attempting to expand the mission using data to drive communication and underst

Twitter study says that responding to tweets pays off for businesses

It’s a classic Twitter conversation: Someone complains about a bad experience with a company, then the business responds, promising to make things better. But is that actually an effective use o

Kustomer, founded by Salesforce alums, nabs $12.5M to repair customer care

The need to contact customer support is the bane of many a modern consumer’s existence: not only is it likely that you are doing it because you have a problem that needs fixing, but you are ine

The Support Cooperative helps companies share customer service data

Every company needs to understand their customers better, and it’s difficult to get a grip without a body of knowledge, especially when the customer is new to you. Imagine being able to access a

Centricient snags $6.5 million for its customer service messaging management software

Centricient, a new customer service messaging management toolkit, is throwing its hat into the increasingly crowded market of companies competing to help businesses transition to using messaging plat

Navigating mobile content with app streaming

People are very comfortable streaming movies, TV, music, video games and more. However, the idea of streaming apps on mobile devices, for better or worse, has lagged far behind. Increasingly, however,

Service Protect will automatically detect when your flight is delayed and request compensation

Service is an app we’ve covered before – the startup acts as an intermediary between you and businesses where you’ve had bad experiences. So this means whenever your bags are lo

Customer support via SMS is about to get a lot easier, courtesy of Zendesk

Customer support powerhouse Zendesk is broadening its ever-expanding number of support channels today, as the company announced a brand new native channel for customer service over the text messages.

Bots, Messenger and the future of customer service

In the 1970s, CFOs sat with CEOs and devised ways for upset consumers to not be able to get compensation easily. They put up automated phone systems and arcane and inflexible policies and rejoiced at

Bots may be cool, but DigitalGenius thinks it found a better way

Bots seem to be all the rage this week, thanks to the release of Facebook’s Messenger Bot program at F8, but not everyone sees bots as the way to keep up with the customer service glut. Digital

Salesforce takes on ServiceMax, Microsoft and Oracle with new field service product

Salesforce has its fingers in many pies when it comes to tracking customers, customer service and marketing, but until now it left field service to third parties like ServiceMax. That changed today wh
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