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Unboxing Stitch Fix’s S-1

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Growlabs nabs $2.2M to automate outbound sales

Just six months into its life, Growlabs, a startup using machine intelligence to support outbound sales teams, has raised a $2.2 million seed round. Growlabs helps businesses reduce their customer acq

Payback’s a gift

On the surface, many internet businesses might not have much in common; internally, we’ve converged around one single metric that’s applicable to almost all consumer and/or marketplace businesses

Easily Measure The Profitability Of Your Consumer Subscription Business

We are currently witnessing a shift in business models, as many consumer tech companies move from transactional models in favor of subscription-based ones. YouTube is launching an ad-free, subscriptio

The Math Behind SaaS Startup Customer Lifetime Value

One of the most critical metrics for software companies -- but also one of the most difficult to measure -- is the lifetime value of their customers (LTV). The lifetime value dictates how a company sh