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Look at your startup’s CAC to decide if you should launch another product

Rodrigo Fernandes Contributor Share on X Rodrigo Fernandes is a professor at Fundação Dom Cabral and is the CFO at Pingback, a Brazilian startup that provides a comprehensive solution for digital cr

Are you spending too much on paid acquisition?

Let's examine when to start measuring diminishing returns and how to use a simple regression analysis to find optimal spending levels.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Customer personas, content that resonates, efficiency metrics VCs love

Reducing CAC Payback and following the Rule of 40 is proof that a founding team knows how to move directionally. Investors love that.

5 tactics for managing paid customer acquisition during a downturn

The narrative today sounds gloomy because it is so. But for opportunistic companies, there’s a silver lining: Now is a great time to go on offense.

Use predictive marketing to cut CAC at your PLG B2B startup

To help you better evaluate your campaigns early on, here's a very special tool: the Ad Group Likelihood Simulator.

Fundraising tips for early and midstage startups in 2022

As valuations continue to undulate, the most important thing founders and CEOs can do is show investors that when a downturn hits, your startup can survive and continue to gain market share.

8 steps for building a financial model to calculate your fundraising needs

The basics of a financial model are relatively straightforward, but, much like managing personal finances, people struggle with anxiety and discipline when it comes to money.

How startups should handle the downturn

Each company is unique and faces diverse circumstances during a downturn. The best advice for handling the downturn should be based on the length of your runway and the efficiency of your business.

How to improve retention, growth marketing’s golden metric

Growth marketing isn’t the silver bullet to solving retention, but there are definitely some tactics that can be implemented to help improve it.

Daily Crunch: PayPal Ventures leads $50M Series B for Egyptian fintech Paymob

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

A founder’s guide to calculating CAC and LTV the right way

There’s one metric that companies must get right in order to demonstrate their potential for growth and attract investors: their LTV/CAC ratio.

Disco gets brands to boogie together on customer acquisition

Disco used to be Co-op Commerce, and leadership says the new name better reflects the company's focus on consumer discovery.

For the first time in 4 years, profitability beats growth

For the last decade, private company executives have all asked us the same question: “Do public market investors prefer profitability or growth?”

TechCrunch+ roundup: Holiday marketing tips, low-cost NFTs, SaaS sprawl study

Cargo ships are stacked up outside ports, and empty shipping containers are in short supply, as are the truck drivers who would take them to market. This is not the time for doing business as usual.

Nubank’s IPO filing gives us a peek into neobank economics

In good news for its peers that may seek to go public, the numbers Nubank has shared in its IPO filing seem to make pretty reasonable business sense.

These simple metrics will tell you if your startup is ready to scale

Finding go-to-market fit (GTM) is a pivotal moment for a startup. It means you’ve found a repeatable formula for finding and winning lead that can be written into a repeatable GTM playbook.

Software subscriptions are eating the world: Solving billing and cash flow woes simultaneously

Subscription business models are attractive, but there are two major pitfalls. First, payment. Second: How do businesses cover the funding gap between when customers sign up and when they pay?

Long-term profitability is the only growth metric that matters

The majority of Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley startup marketing budgets aren't optimized for long-term profitability.

To measure sales efficiency, SaaS startups should use the 4×2

Unlike many derived SaaS metrics, the 4x2 chart is based on very simple numbers, thus “the figures don’t lie.”

Calculating sales efficiency in a startup: The magic number that will help you scale

Sales efficiency is the best way to understand the economics of a business. It answers whether a business can ever scale. The harsh truth is, if it can't scale, investors won’t be interested...
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