Android Wear SDK To Get A Custom Watchface API, Google Discourages Posting Face Apps Until Then

Google has a smartwatch platform called Android Wear that’s already available to customers, and an SDK for developers – but it doesn’t yet officially support custom watchfaces. That hasn

Original Stitch Is A Shirt Company That Offers 1 Billion Computerized Style Combinations

Menswear, like sewage treatment and rabies, needs to be disrupted. I’ve already seen about a dozen folks trying to change the space, most notably Bonobos and Indochino, but no one has quite crac

IndoChino Mixes Virtual Tailors With The Real, Plans Pop-Up Stores In US This Year

There are plenty of custom tailors on the Internet these days and they seem like the perfect business - you take a commodity product and spiff it up then send the work to places where expert custom ma

BleuFlamme Lets You Make Your Own Custom Shirt In 3D

If there's one thing the world needs it's a service that lets you build a shirt using 3D rendering technology. Sure we could use cars that run on water and world peace, but let's get the little things

Project X Designs “Stealth” Customized Rolex Watch

<img src="">Project X Designs has no relationship with Rolex, but rather take new Rolex timepieces and perform various modificati

MkII Custom Watches

<img src="">A while ago I met with the legendary Bill Yao. To some of you that name instantly evokes respect and attention, and

Custom Skullcandy headphones look, sound great

<img src="">Skullcandy headphones</a> sound good, that's pretty much a given. And while the styling is cool and every

Zazzle pushes out custom kicks

I come here today to present to you the fruition of years of labor. Between research, design, eating snacks, and playing video games, countless man hours were spent on what I am about to unveil. It is

Pinhole cameras created from the things they are made to shoot

Here’s an interesting series of installation and photographic art that (as usual IMHO), when stripped of the preposterous artist’s statements, is quite beautiful and interesting. Wayne Mar

Sweet custom-built large-format film cameras

The benefits of medium- and large-format film are still substantial for things like portraiture, landscapes, and anything that requires enormous prints. When your film or plate size is 8×10, you&

Blancier "Crazy Planet" adds gears to watch face

Blancier is a custom watchmaker. You can go to the site, pick out all the components, and get a handmade watch delivered to your door in a few weeks. I personally reviewed one and I loved it — t

Wham! Meets The iPod Case

Admit it. You know you listened to a ton of Wham! back in the ’80s. What if you could get that actual record made into an iPod case? Still listening? Good. Contexture Design has released a slew