Teen debit card Current raises $1 million more from Fifth Third Capital

Current, the startup behind an app-controlled debit card aimed at tweens and teens, is adding new strategic investor Fifth Third Capital, a direct equity investment subsidiary of Fifth Third Bancorp,

Current raises $5M for its debit card for teens that parents control with an app

Current announced today it has raised $5 million in Series A funding for its debit card aimed at kids that parents can control with an app. The company first introduced its Visa debit to the market in

Current launches a Visa debit card for kids that parents control with an app

A startup called Current is today launching a new way for parents to dole out allowances to their kids: with an app. The company offers a Visa debit card that would allow teenagers to shop in stores

Current wants to digitize your kid’s allowance with an app and a debit card

Who carries around cash anymore? The answer? Parents, who still need to hand out allowance and pocket money to their kids. That’s where Current comes in. Current is the latest company out of Exp

Current TV Journalists Sentenced To 12 Years In North Korean Labor Camp

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Currently In Trouble: After Pulling Its IPO, Current TV Loses CTO

<img src="" width="193" height="56" /><a href="">Current Media</a>, the peer-to-peer news and information comp

Two Current TV Reporters Still Being Detained In North Korea

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Current News: An Even Easier Way For Web Audiences To Get On TV

As Al Gore’s Current Media gets ready for its IPO, the cable channel is drawing more on its Website audience for TV content. Today, it is launching Current News, a three-minute wrap-up culled fr

Radiohead To Promote Album With New Year's Eve Concert on Current TV

You’ve got to hand it to those guys at Radiohead. Not only are they great musicians. They are great promoters who are at the forefront of figuring out how to use the culture of free music to sel