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Happs raises $4.7 million for a multicast livestream platform creator community

Happs, an app that lets creators stream live video simultaneously across social platforms, has raised $4.7 million in a post-seed round. The product originally began as a platform for independent jour

Al Jazeera Has Bought Its Way Into Viewers’ Homes With A Deal For Al Gore’s Current TV (CONFIRMED)

Qatar-financed news organization Al Jazeera is close to a deal for Current, which would make it available to a majority of cable viewers around the country. Current might not have gotten high ratings,

Currently In Trouble: After Pulling Its IPO, Current TV Loses CTO

<img src="" width="193" height="56" /><a href="">Current Media</a>, the peer-to-peer news and information company f

Two Current TV Reporters Still Being Detained In North Korea

<img src="" width="215" height="150" />Online media network <a href="">Current T