Connecting Offline Shopping With E-Commerce, Curebit Partners With Bonobos On New “Retail Referrals” Program

<a target="_blank" href="">Curebit</a>, an e-commerce startup which has built its business around optimizing and tracking word-of-mouth referrals for customers like Bonobos, Res

How YC’s Curebit Has A “Sixth Sense” Into E-Commerce Startups That Are About To Blow Up

Bonobos. Dodocase. Warby Parker. A generation of e-commerce companies is growing up using a vertically integrated strategy where they take more ownership of the design, production, marketing and brand

YC Alum Curebit Raises $1.2 Million For Online Referral System

Y Combinator alum <a href="">Curebit</a>, an online customer referral platform that leverages social media for "word-of-mouth" advertising, has just raised $1.2 million in fundi

Y Combinator Alum Curebit Wants To Optimize Your Referral System, Turn Your Customers Into Marketers

Word-of-mouth is the tried and true way to spread the word about your business, news, or product updates. For businesses, allowing your customers to tell their friends about how awesome your product o