• A Woman, A Cupcake, A Bank And A Square: Why Credit Card Companies Are Scared Of Change

    A Woman, A Cupcake, A Bank And A Square: Why Credit Card Companies Are Scared Of Change

    In the sleepy Columbus, Ohio suburb of Canal Winchester there is a shop that makes cupcakes. These are not ordinary cupcakes; these are fantastic cupcakes. In fact the name of this establishment—Fantasy Cupcake—is no boast and can readily back up the hype (trust me, I ate one and it was killer). A relatively new business owned and operated by Leah Dotson, Fantasy Cupcake chose… Read More

  • iPhone coasters go great with iPhone cupcakes, the decision to sterilize yourself

    I like the iPhone. I’d marry it. But I wouldn’t buy these $60 iPhone coasters by Meninos. If you are so enamored by the stock iPhone app set, I’d recommend tattooing them on your body and sending us a picture rather than forcing your friends to accept and understand your neophilia and potentially scaring off future mates who may be a little worried that you have a phone… Read More

  • Mmmm, iPhone cupcakes look Cupertino-licious

    Oh man, right around lunchtime. I bet I could eat all twelve of those cupcakes. I’d probably start with the e-mail one. I like how the e-mail works on my iPod Touch. I’d eat the clock one last because it’s like, hey, there’s a clock up in the corner. Don’t go making me poke a little square just to see what time it is. I have the corner, man. [Rapidpik via Digg] Read More

  • Alligators! Cupcakes!

    While not technically a gadget, the alligator cupcake pan was simply too great not to share. Be sure to eat your cake before it eats you. thanks Cooking Gadgets Read More

  • The Tastiest Video Game You'll See All Day

    Meet Mario. He’s a plumber who picks up random coins he finds and sits around all day taking mushrooms and picking fights with some dude named Bowser. That Mario can be sort of a deadbeat. This Mario can be very delicious. You see, he’s a Mario made out of individual cupcake squares with flavored frosting. He is delicious (and certainly not nutritious), just the way we like… Read More