AT&T to see Android in August

AT&T is playing with black magic, and some of its closest ties may get burned. AT&T will be launching the HTC “Lancaster”, powered by Google’s Android platform, making its wa

Android OTA 1.5 Cupcake download available now

A man once told me that I could not have my Cupcake and eat it too. He was obviously dead wrong. Today’s big buzz on the Android front is that the official OTA install package for Android 1.5 (l

Ding! Cupcake is done! Android v1.5 now hitting handsets in US and UK

After four long months,the Android v1.5 “Cupcake” update has finally been made available to the masses in the UK and USA. As April 29th came to a close, the first reports of update notific

Android "Cupcake" build to bring YouTube Favorites to the home screen

As work on the Android “Cupcake” build (Firmware 1.5) continues, the developers continue to slip more little features in under the radar. We were spending a few minutes with the just annou

Video/Photos: A look at the Most Recent Android "Cupcake" Development Build

As 2008 came to a close, we saw the first hints of a new developmental branch of Android called “Cupcake”. Promising video recording, copy and paste, stereo bluetooth and more, an endless

Android Cupcake spied, tasted

<img src=""> The <a href="">T-Mobile G1</a> has an update in the works. When the firmware will be avai

Android Cupcake spied, tasted

The T-Mobile G1 has an update in the works. When the firmware will be available to owners is the main question after most of the details leaked out of the kitchen. Cupcake, as it’s been dubbed,