Culture Amp

Employee engagement platform Culture Amp raises $100M at a $1.5B valuation

Culture Amp was founded in 2009 to let companies conduct anonymous employee surveys, but since then, its focus has expanded to helping employers turn the data they collect into action.

Employee survey startup Culture Amp closes $82M round led by Sequoia China

Each unhappy startup may be unhappy in its own way, but there’s still wisdom in understanding what drives employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction across companies. Culture Amp is just one of t

Why the next great SaaS company will look nothing like Salesforce

Integration companies, while not glamorous, can build market power by positioning themselves at the center of an ecosystem and creating an “ecosystem network effect”, whereby they become a de fact

Culture Amp launches its own take on performance reviews

Since launching five years ago, Culture Amp has focused on employee engagement and corporate culture. Now, Culture Amp is tackling the performance review space — something its CEO Didier Elzinga

Felicis Leads $6.3M Series A Round In Employee Survey Startup Culture Amp

Culture Amp wants to provide a cost-effective solution to conducting employee surveys and getting real, actionable insights back from them. And while it's already attracted a number of major clients a

Culture Amp’s Analytics Platform Uses Data To Help Companies Boost Employee Morale

Human resource departments often use the term "culture change" to describe positive adjustments to a company's working environment. Unfortunately for frustrated employees, that concept is often poorly