• Cuil Fails to Be Acquired

    As we reported last week, search engine Cuil was unceremoniously shut down on Thursday, and there were reports that employees were told to go home and forget about getting paid. New sources tells us that Cuil was in the final stages of an acquisition as of last Wednesday, and everything was in place except the final signatures. Then the deal fell apart for some reason. Or put another way… Read More

  • Cuil Goes Down, And We Hear It's Down For Good

    Cuil, the much maligned search engine that at one time had hopes of toppling Google, has gone offline. And from what we hear from former employees, it’s not just a temporary outage, it may be done for good. Those employees who are still with the company apparently weren’t paid this week, and they’re starting to say they’re looking for new jobs. The company had raised… Read More

  • Cuil CEO Rips Users, Asks Them To Please Shut Up

    Something tells me the wheels may be coming off the car at Cuil, the once promising search startup that had one of the most miserable launch debuts in Silicon Valley history. On April 8 the company launched a new service, cpedia, which creates automated articles about queries instead of simply returning search results. The results are sort of strange, but as an experiment it certainly has legs. Read More

  • If Cuil Was Cool, Cuiler Is Cooler, And Cuilest Is The Coolest

    Remember Cuil? It was that stealth search engine that launched with a massive amount of buzz because a few former Googlers were behind it. Then it got even more press when it fell flat. Well, it’s still around. But you never hear about it anymore. Still, it got all that press whereas plenty of other search startups hardly get any. So one of those came up with a cute gimmick. The… Read More

  • Cuil On BusinessWeek's Most Successful of 2008 List. Huh?

    Here’s a head scratcher. BusinessWeek named search engine Cuil, which launched prematurely, lost their VP Product and now has near zero traffic, as one of the most successful U.S. startups of 2008. Why? They say it attracted lots of attention when it launched (true, but it wasn’t positive attention), and they say that Cuil has a larger search index than Google (which… Read More

  • Cuil Fail: Traffic Nearly Hits Rock Bottom

    Remember the ill-fated Google-killer Cuil? Named ‘Cuill’ and very much in stealth mode for the first part of the year, they finally emerged end of July 2008 with a ‘massive’ search engine that would rival the most popular search engines of our time with an enormous index, an innovative interface and some nifty features. Rival, it never did. The launch of the search… Read More

  • Cuil's VP Product Bails Out A Month After Launch

    Louis Monier, Cuil’s VP Product, quietly resigned from the newly launched search engine last week, we’ve heard from a reliable source. This is a big blow to the troubled search engine – Monier was recruited away from Google a year ago, where he was working on advanced search products. Prior to Google he was the head of search at eBay and was the cofounder and CTO of AltaVista. Read More

  • Yahoo BOSS Used To Create Powerset For Images and More

    Yahoo has highlighted a few more implementations of BOSS, the search API it launched in early July that allows third party websites to incorporate Yahoo search functionality seamlessly into their sites. This is the second time Yahoo has showcased the fruits of BOSS developers. In early August, Yahoo drew attention to 4HourSearch, the Cuil knock-off formerly known as Yuil; PlayerSearch, a… Read More

  • Is Cuil Killing Websites?

    An anonymous tipster wrote to us this morning to tell us that Cuil, the ill-fated “Google Killer,” has unleashed its Twiceler indexing bot on websites across the globe and in the process, has brought many sites down. “I don’t know what spawned it, but when Cuil attempts to index a site, it does so by completely hammering it with traffic,” the tipster wrote. … Read More

  • How To Lose Your Cuil 20 Seconds After Launch

    The hype cycle now lasts less than a day. Take yesterday’s over-hyped launch of stealth search startup Cuil, which was quickly followed by a backlash when everyone realized that it was selling a bill of goods. This was entirely the company’s own fault. It pre-briefed every blogger and tech journalist on the planet, but didn’t allow anyone to actually test the search… Read More

  • And….Cuil Goes Offline

    The new Cuil search engine apparently got a bit more traffic than the team anticipated immediately after launch a couple of hours ago. Everyone is trying it out to decide for themselves how disruptive it may be to the old guard search guys. For now, you’ll have to wait, a message on the site says “We’ll be back soon…Due to overwhelming interest, our Cuil servers are… Read More

  • Google Beats Cuil Hands Down In Size And Relevance, But That Isn't The Whole Story

    Search engine Cuil launched earlier this evening, claiming a bigger index size (120 billion web pages) than Google or any other search engine. The pedigree of the founders and execs, which includes three ex senior Googlers, means the service will be compared to Google from day one. And the way they will be compared is index size and, more importantly, relevance/ranking of results. We’ve… Read More

  • Cuil Exits Stealth Mode With A Massive Search Engine

    Menlo Park based Cuil will launch later this evening with an index of 120 billion web pages, making them arguably the most comprehensive search engine on the web (Google doesn’t disclose the size of their index, although they claim to know about a trillion unique web pages) (Update: see our very early testing here). They’ve also dropped one of the “l’s” from… Read More