• MAINGEAR Quantum Shift workstation eats Adobe CS5 for breakfast

    Maingear announced their latest today, the Quantum Shift workstation. Designed more for the content developer then the gamer, the Quantum Shift definitely brings the heat. Of course, you customize exactly how much power the Quantum Shift is packing, but it’s designed around Nvidia’s Quadro FX GPU technology. Read More

  • Dubious Claims Dept: ArcSoft says 1080p video salvageable from 480p

    I’ve asked for some clarification from ArcSoft, or at the very least some larger screenshots, to settle this business, but haven’t gotten any word back yet. In the meantime, I’m going to call BS on this. Fine detail is a one-way street, and even the best upscaling software can’t make something out of nothing. The best you can do (which is fine with me) is to make… Read More

  • NVIDIA announces investment effort for GPU-based computing startups

    NVIDIA is known primarily for their PC graphics cards, but they’ve been in the news recently both for the expansion of their CUDA and PhysX initiatives as well as (allegedly) developing a CPU to challenge Intel and AMD. They’ve been proponents of parallel processing for quite a while, naturally, and have made some investments in companies like MotionDSP and Elemental Technologies… Read More

  • Crack WPA ten thousand percent faster with CUDA!

    If you’re really in a hurry to “recover” that password from the WPA-secured wi-fi network you’re “sharing” with a neighbor, you’re going to be waiting a long time for that brute force crack to work on your old traditional processor. Why not make yourself a tool using NVIDIA’s parallel processing environment CUDA and run it on a nice GeForce GTX… Read More

  • NVIDIA teaming up with MotionDSP to clean up your video Remember that MotionDSP stuff we talked about a few weeks ago? No? Let me refresh your memory: it’s a process — extremely CPU intensive, I’m thinking — by which video data is thoroughly analyzed and enhanced, reducing things like noise, stutters, color and contrast issues, and so on. TechCrunch mentioned it as being a web service… Read More