OMG! Americans luv 2 txt, sent over 1 Trillion msgs in 2008

On Wednesday, CTIA – The Wireless Association released its Semi-Annual Wireless Industry Survey results for 2008. According to the Survey, Americans sent over 1 Trillion text messages in 2008, a

CTIA09 Video: Palm demos Pandora, Fandango, Sprint TV, FlightView, and Nascar

In a tucked away room in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sprint and Palm are demonstrating a number of Pre applications for the first time. Earlier this afternoon we got a bit of fo

CTIA09 Video: Palm demos MotionApps' PalmOS emulator, Classic

If you’ve got loads of 5 year old PalmOS applications laying around, fear not – they’ll run on the Pre. Well, sort of; they’ll run in MotionApps’ recently announced PalmO

CTIA09: Hands-on video of the LG GD900

Hey, look! It’s the LG GD900 from Mobile World Congress, except not behind an inch of glass! We’re amazingly torn on this device; on one hand, it’s an exercise of vanity, with nearly

CTIA09: Hands-on with the Motorola Evoke QA4, with video

Long time MobileCrunch readers may know that I have a bit of an aversion to Motorola. They’ve never done anything wrong to me, personally – it’s just that every handset they’ve

CTIA09: Hands-on gallery of the AT&T Nokia E71x

Original E71 on left, AT&T E71x on right It seems a bit silly to do a full hands-on of the just announced Nokia E71x for AT&T, seeing as it’s essentially identical to the original E71 &#

CTIA09: Hands-on with the HTC Snap

By all major counts, I should hate this phone. I don’t generally like candybar QWERTY phones, and I don’t like Windows Mobile 6.1. But somehow, HTC has brought both of these things togethe

CTIA09: Motorola Evoke QA4 likely to launch on US Cellular, as well

Yesterday, Cricket announced their plans to carry Motorola’s just disclosed Evoke QA4. What wasn’t announced, however, was whether US Cellular would also be carrying the device, as previou

CTIA09: HTC Snap keeps your best friends up front

Contrary to what Facebook friend counts may lead you to believe, most people really don’t have hundreds upon hundreds of friends. Sure, they may know some absurd number of people – but acc

CTIA09: Celio to release REDFLY Mobile Viewer public beta later today

To put it gently, the Celio REDFLY didn’t launch without criticism. Essentially a mono-purposed netbook which is fueled by and acts as an extension of a Windows Mobile smartphone, the REDFLY pul

CTIA09: Hands-on with the Samsung Instinct S30

Samsung didn’t officially have the Instinct S30 available for hands-on demos after yesterday night’s announcement – but, well, you know how we roll. We spent a good chunk of time pok

Review: BlackBerry App World [Update 2]

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis is slated to take the stage later today in Las Vegas at the CTIA show and all eyes will be focused on RIM’s answer to Apple’s App Store. While we wished that RIM had held

CTIA09: Samsung Mondi, a huge WiMAX slider

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/mondi_m100.jpg" />Samsung just unleashed the powerhouse that is the Mondi. This massive handset comes packing with speedy WiMAX support i

Samsung officially unveils the Instinct s30 for Sprint

Sprint and Samsung have just taken the wraps off the Instinct s30 aka Mini Instinct at CTIA. It launches on Sprint April 19th in two colors – Cobalt Metal or Touch of Copper. The s30 doesn’t devia

CTIA09: Hands-on with the latest build of the Android "Cupcake" firmware

We’re in good ol’ Sin City, fresh out of a pre-CTIA 2009 meeting with HTC. While most of the hardware they brought to the party were things we’d seen at Mobile World Congress last mo

CTIA09: Samsung to preview the Instinct "Mini" S30

Tucked away in a Korean press release alongside the likes of the long ago announced Samsung Behold, Memoir, and Omnia HD was one little gem we’d yet to have seen in any official light: the Insti

CTIA 2009: Novatel Ovation MC935D USB Modem on the way in Q2

<img src="http://www.mobilecrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/picture-45.png" /> It's certainly not the main <a href="http://www.mobilecrunch.com/2009/03/30/verizon-to-get-a-branded-mifi/">Novatel

Verizon-branded MiFi 2200 leaks out

It’s definitely not the first time we’ve seen the Novatel MiFi, or even the second – but they can keep cranking these things out in all sorts of different flavors and we wouldn&#8217