Hands on with the Cy-fi. Looks nice. Sounds…

…OK. Not the greatest sounding speaker of course, but you can use it outside. Or rather, you can keep it outside. It’s being marketed as a Bluetooth sports speaker, and with a compact water resist

er, it’s the Flashlight-er, a 12 volt USB charger

Still in need of a device charger for your car? For $24.95 you can get The Flashlighter. It plugs into the standard cigarette lighter socket and when removed, serves as a 3 LED flashlight. The small d

Hands on galleries of Velocity Mobile's new handsets (103, 83, 301)

Velocity Mobile brought a trio of shiny new handsets to CTIA today, and we got to spend just a bit of time with all three: the 103, 83, and 301. In the flurry of crazy that is CTIA scheduling, I wasn&

Hands on with RIM's BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

RIM today used CTIA to launch their first BlackBerry flip phone, the Pearl Flip 8220 (formerly known as the KickStart), bringing it to the floor for the world to see. Just like the original Pearl, the

We're at CTIA 08!

After a few days at TC50, the MobileCrunch team is live on the floor at CTIA in San Francisco. BlackBerry’s here with the 8220 (KickStart), Sprint is launchin’ a beautiful pair from the HT