• CSI has nothing on Mr. Brain

    It’s always great fun to watch shows like CSI enhance video surveillance footage. Sometimes it’s the most entertaining part of the hour-long show. But those clunky systems used by American police forces have nothing on the ChineseJapanese [Editor’s note: nice] equipment featured in the video above. This shit is amazing. It could probably read the serial number on the… Read More

  • CSI finally coming to Blu-ray

    CSI helped defined HD in its early years and now it will finally be available on Blu-ray. The show, along with ER, was one of the first primetime programs to showcase why the 16:9 format at a higher definition was so damn spectacular. I don’t even think CSI: Miami would still be on the air if it wasn’t for the HD eye candy compensating for the horrendous acting. Anyway, the… Read More

  • Video: Groaningly awful CSI hacker jargon

    We have a breach! Not only do they read “News Blog” but they know about IP addresses, a closely guarded secret among hax0rs. These CSI guys are getting pretty l33t. It’s short, but this video has to be one of the worst instances of bluff tech writing I’ve ever seen — worse than 24!

    And for your pleasure: A creative Redditor has put together an awesome… Read More

  • Stain Detector Helps Detect Grody, Invisible Stains

    While it’s being marketed as a tool to help you find hidden stains so you can make your pad smell better, we know it’s really so you can all play CSI at home. The Stain Detector Light uses the same UV technology that the detectives use to find “protein stains”, blood, bile, or, uh, what-have-you. Wanna scare someone? Visit them in their hotel room with this thing pointed… Read More