Digital marketers gain the power of AI and voice control with crystal

It's pretty difficult to make digital marketing sexy, but crystal is going at it with both barrels. Launched in public beta today at TechCrunch Disrupt's Startup Alley, the product features beautiful

Google Boots Ad Blockers From Google Play

Earlier this week, Samsung rolled out support for ad blocking in the new version of its web browser for mobile devices, the Samsung Internet Browser. Third-party developers quickly responded by launc

A Day After iOS 9’s Launch, Ad Blockers Top The App Store

One of the better features in this week’s newly released version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9, is the ability for users to block ads on mobile websites, along with other conte

Hands On With Three iOS 9 Content Blockers: 1Blocker, Blockr And Crystal

Apple’s support for ad blockers on the new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 9, launching Wednesday, is poised to change how consumers interact with the web on mobile devices.¬†Followi

Apple Sapphire Supplier GT Advanced Technologies Files For Bankruptcy

GT Advanced Technologies, which has a supply relationship with Apple after an agreement struck late last year, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company will continue to operate as n

Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Modern Tactical Vision Watch Review

<img src="">Get ready for something cool. There are two watches in this article. For th

The Myvu Crystal now works with your iPhone 3G

Ever use the Myvu Crystal? It’s a pair of glasses that has a built-in VGA-quality display. The idea here is that you connect the Crystal to your portable media player or cellphone and you can ta

Sonoro crystal radio (Har har!)

Why would Germans bling up a clock radio? We don’t know, but this $2,500 monstrosity can be yours provided you suffer from brain damage. Sonoro Audio, a German designer of high-end audio product

Dell 'Crystal' display reviewed, save your money

Maximum PC took a look at Dell’s new 22-inch “Crystal” display and found it to be a bit lacking. It carries a $1,200 price tag, which is apparently “more marketing hype than fu

MSI Crystal 945 is a PC in an iMac's Body

If you’ve been enamored with the iMac’s shape and size, but can’t bring yourself to use OS X, now there’s the MSI Crystal 945. It has the same general shape and style as an iMa