crysis 2

  • Crysis 2 To Get Directx 11 Support Next Week

    The world’s nightmare is almost over. It’s about time to pack up the picket signs, clean up the protest area, and head home. Crytek, previously the PC gamer’s most loved and trusted developer, is set to right its wrong and finally, finally release DirectX 11 support for Crysis 2. The release notes paints a picture of the 1.9 update finally bringing Crysis 2 up to the level… Read More

  • EA Begins To Pull Steam Availability, Push Origin Exclusives

    If you were hoping to pick up a copy of Crysis 2 on Steam, you’re out of luck. The game is no longer available on Valve’s download service, though it was not (strictly speaking) pulled by EA. While EA has explained in a statement that the title is simply incompatible with “a set of business terms” “imposed” by Steam, the language and context suggest that it… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation: Crysis 2

    No, that’s a great question. Why the hell does NYC get destroyed over and over again in film, games, and politics? Can’t someone come here to Flint, MI and profit from its destruction occasionally? Oh wait… Anyway, Yahtzee on Crysis 2 is after the break. Read More

  • Crytek Confirms Crysis 2 DX11 Patch

    Crytek has now confirmed that there will, indeed, be a DX11 patch for Crysis 2. This is the real deal, and not some Twitter rumor nonsense. Read More

  • Buy A Samsung 3DTV, Get 2 Additional Pairs Of 3D Glasses

    It’s now a little less expensive to play Crysis 2 in 3D. (Haven’t seen the game in 3D yet? You’re missing out…) Samsung will now include two pairs of 3D glasses with the purchase of one of its 3D plasma or LED TVs. Very handy. Does this have anything to do with Ron Bennington saving the day earlier today? I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m just going to say… Read More

  • Ex-Microsoft Games Chief Apologizes For ‘Consolization’ Of Gaming

    Robbie Bach, the former president of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division, has apologized to PC gamers for the “consolization” of their hobby. “Am I happy to have been a part of the destruction of PC gaming? No, of course not. But I am proud of the fact that I’ve helped convince a generation of gamers that it’s cool to pay $10 for a pair of… Read More

  • Even An Asus Netbook Can Run Crysis 2

    Crytek went to great pains throughout the development of Crysis 2 to stress that it wasn’t going to be a repeat of the first game. You weren’t going to need a monstrous machine merely to get 20 frames per second. No, Crytek said, we’ve managed to get the game running on the Xbox 360! And if the 360 can run it, what can’t run it? Not the Asus Eee 1215B, that’s… Read More

  • Crysis 2 Direct X 11 Patching Incoming?

    It looks like the Crysis 2 Direct X 11 patch could be coming sooner rather than later. An item on a German PC gaming site—Germany certainly loves its PC gaming&mash;says that the patch should hit the Internets tomorrow. This is most welcome news. Read More

  • Crysis 2: The Crisis Is Where Do We Go From Here

    After playing Total War: Shogun 2, one of my concerns was how I would view subsequent Total War games. As far as I’m concerned, The Creative Assembly has now perfected the Total War formula, so to play another might result in feelings of, “Oh, this again. Hm.” The same fear now applies to the first-person shooter genre post-Crysis 2, but not because the game is perfect… Read More