Legit Security lands $40M to lock down apps and dev environments

Legit Security, a cybersecurity company developing a platform to identify app vulnerabilities from code, has raised $40 million in a Series B funding round led by CRV with participation from Cyberstar

Astrix Security, which uses ML to secure app integrations, raises $25M

Astrix Security, a platform that helps companies manage and secure third-party app integrations, today announced that it closed a $25 million Series A funding round led by CRV with participation from

Procurement platform Zip raises $100M at a $1.5 billion valuation

The business of platforms for purchasing goods and services — in other words, procurement — is alive and well. Case in point, Zip, a startup developing procurement software, yesterday anno

Finley closes $17M to turn 100-page debt capital agreements into software-managed code

Finley helps companies taking out debt capital understand their loan agreements and better comply with terms and reporting requirements.

Data analytics startup StarTree secures cash to expand its Apache Pinot-powered platform

StarTree, a company building what it describes as an “analytics-as-a-service” platform, today announced that it raised $47 million in a Series B round led by GGV Capital with participation

Disney-backed Inworld raises new cash for its AI-powered virtual characters

If software is eating the world, AI isn’t far behind. AI-powered text-, art- and audio-generating systems will soon make — and already are making — their way into the tools people us

Pipedream lands $20M to connect disparate apps

Software integrations can be challenging. While serverless functions-as-a-service (FaaS) products like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and CloudFlare Workers can help ease the complexity, they aren

Tailscale lands $100 million to ‘transform’ enterprise VPNs with mesh technology

Zero trust security is an emerging paradigm in enterprise IT. It means that no one is trusted by default from inside or outside a network and verification is required from everyone trying to gain acce

Sleuth wants to use AI to measure software developer productivity

As knowledge workers, including software engineers, shifted to remote work during the pandemic, executives expressed a concern that productivity would suffer as a result. The evidence is mixed on this

Fleet nabs $20M to enable enterprises to manage their devices

Fleet, a startup offering a service that helps to track and manage enterprise devices like laptops, today announced that it raised $20 million in a Series A round led by CRV with participation from an

Doppler lands $20M to help companies manage their app secrets

Secrets management, or the use of tools to access and create digital authentication credentials, was growing in adoption pre-pandemic. But as the health crises forced businesses to move online, secret

Arena bags $14M Series A to build Discord-like communities for businesses

Arena founder Paulo Martins grew up in Brazil playing video games, an industry that thrives on building communities among the players. Later, he came to the U.S., where he was an early employee at Hul

Startup banking service Mercury jumps into debt lending to take on Silicon Valley Bank

Mercury, a well-funded, three-year-old startup that offers a host of banking services to startups, is today rolling out a new offering for its customers: venture debt. The idea is to loan out $200 mil

Atrium grabs fresh capital to help sales teams meet their quota

Is sales management having a “Money Ball moment?”

Little Otter raises $22M to scale its personalized pediatric mental health platform

Little Otter, a digital mental health company that aims to provide tools and treatment for both children and their families, has raised $22 million in Series A funding. The round was oversubscribed an

Fractional lands $5.5 million to let friends (and strangers) invest in real estate together

As teammates at buy now, pay later fintech Affirm, Stella Han and Carlos Treviño bonded over their shared background of growing up in real estate families. The mission of “pay at your own pace&

Ketch raises another $20M as demand grows for its privacy data control platform

Ketch's OTC enables developers to embed security and governance into a piece of data as they build software.

Spain’s Factorial raises $80M on the back of strong traction for its ‘Workday for SMBs’

Factorial, a startup out of Barcelona that has built a platform that lets SMBs run human resources functions with the same kind of tools that typically are used by much bigger companies, is today anno

Fintech startup Jeeves raises $57M, goes from YC to $500M valuation in one year

Last summer, Jeeves was participating in Y Combinator’s summer batch as a fledgling fintech. This June, the startup emerged from stealth with $31 million in equity and $100 million in debt financing

Cribl raises $200M to help enterprises do more with their data

Cribl is developing unified data pipelines, called “observability pipelines,” to parse and route any type of data that flows through a corporate IT system.
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