CrunchWeek: Google’s Self Driving Car, Apple Buys Beats, And Founders Misbehave

In case you had missed it, today is Friday, which means it’s time for another spin of the round table as Colleen Taylor, Ryan Lawler and myself sat down to dig into what happened this past week.

CrunchWeek: Secret’s Massive Expansion And Why Apple Wants Beats

This week our inimitable boss Alexia Tsotsis took to the Round Table with Kyle Russell, one of our latest hires, and your humble servant to dig into the intersection of technology and the personal.

CrunchWeek: Net Neutrality, Big Late-Stage Raises, And Snapchat’s Latest Features

This week is all about CrunchWeek East, as we're bringing this episode to you from AOL HQ in New York. <a target="_blank" href="">Anthony Ha</a>, <a target="_blank" hre

CrunchWeek: Foursquare Splits Into Two Apps, Facebook f8, Twitter Stock Sinks To New Lows

Most of the TechCrunch team has converged in New York City in advance of our annual Disrupt NY conference. So in this episode of CrunchWeek, we’re out of the TCTV studio and in a room at the his

CrunchWeek: The Future Of Google+ And Why RadiumOne’s CEO Has To Go

This week Leena Rao, Colleen Taylor and I sat around the Round Table to discuss the precipitous exit of Google’s Vic Gundotra and the violently abusive CEO of RadiumOne. Gundotra’s depart

CrunchWeek: Airbnb’s $500M Funding, Twitter Gobbles Up Gnip, Instagram’s Swapped Username Scandal

It’s Friday, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, a holiday weekend is ahead, and we’ve got a brand new episode of CrunchWeek for you to watch. What more could you wish for? In toda

CrunchWeek: Heartbleed Terrifies The Internet, And Dropbox Hires Condoleezza Rice

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to another episode of CrunchWeek, our weekly round up of the biggest stories in technology. This week Leena Rao, Kim-Mai Cutler, and your humble servant took to the

CrunchWeek: Airbnb’s $10B Valuation, Netflix And Net Neutrality, And Microsoft’s Email Brouhaha

It’s Friday, and that means its time for another episode of CrunchWeek. This time, sitting around the White Table with me were my two excellent colleagues Kim-Mai Cutler and Ryan Lawler. We dug

CrunchWeek: Uber Beefs Up On Insurance, Secret’s New Funding, More Trouble At Clinkle

You know what goes great with your TGIF beverage of choice? A brand new episode of <a href="">CrunchWeek</a>, the show that brings three TechCrunch writers toge

CrunchWeek: Mt.Gox Implodes, GrubHub Seamless $100M IPO, Facebook Kills Email Feature

There's a lot to be excited about today: March is coming in like a lion, Mercury is finally <a target="_blank" href="">out</a> of retrograde, and it's

CrunchWeek: Microsoft’s CEO Hunt Heats Up, Google Says Goodbye Moto, Facebook’s Paper App

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, for many Americans this weekend is all about football -- but tech certainly gave sports a run for its money when it came to interesting news this week. So

CrunchWeek: CES, CES, And CES

Talk about a long week. Along with a Polar Vortex infiltration, which left much of the northeast straight up frozen, the southwest had its own invasion: the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Vendors

CrunchWeek 2013 In Review, Part 2: Twitter’s Big IPO, And Tech’s Rising Stars

The first full business week of 2014 is about to get underway. But before we jump into that, <a href="">CrunchWeek</a> is taking one more look back at the bigge

CrunchWeek 2013 In Review: Bitcoin’s Big Rise, Edward Snowden And The NSA

It's the end of the year, which is always a time for reflection -- <a target="_blank" href="">auld lang syne</a> and all that jazz. So for the next couple of

CrunchWeek: Bitcoin’s Big Crash, The ‘Six Californias’ Plan, Dorsey Gives Back Square Stock

We might be heading into the height of the holiday season, but tech news has not slowed down just yet! So we had quite a few things to discuss in <a href="">Cru

CrunchWeek: Instagram Debuts Messaging, Twitter’s Blocking Debacle, Snapchat Banks $50M

The weather outside is frightful, but <a href="">CrunchWeek</a> is so delightful. So since we've no place to go, why don't you watch the show... that brings thr

CrunchWeek: Amazon Drones, Uber’s Leaked Revenue, 23andMe’s FDA Trouble

December is officially here, and it’s a particularly cold weekend for much of the United States. Looking for a way to stay warm? I humbly suggest that you huddle around the cozy glow of your com

CrunchWeek: The Xbox One & Playstation 4, The Rise Of QuizUp, The Fall Of

It's time for a new episode of <a href="">CrunchWeek</a>, the show in which a few of us writers sit ourselves down in front of a few TechCrunch TV cameras to di

CrunchWeek: Snapchat Turns Down $3B, The Justin Bieber-Backed Selfie App, IPOs Are Back

It's been a couple of weeks since the last <a href="">CrunchWeek</a>, the TechCrunch TV show that brings a few writers together to chat about some of the most b

CrunchWeek: Twitter’s S-1, The Silk Road Shutdown, And The Rumored Amazon Phone

So this is what <a href="">CrunchWeek</a> is like without adult supervision. Leena Rao and Colleen Taylor, the show's two regular hosts, were both out of tow
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