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    CrunchGirl's Guide to Gadgets for Your Girl

    So here’s the scenario: you finally find yourself regularly spending time with a lovely girl who seems to really like you, and even puts up with (bonus: appreciates) your nerdy ways and gadget affinities. First of all, WOW, congratulations! Now, down to business…How to get her on board with your love for gadgetry? The simple answer to this, and essentially any persuasion quandary… Read More

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    The Week in Nerd News: CrunchGirl's Back

    Well, hello there. It’s that time of week again, you know you’ve been anxiously awaiting my column. Patience is a virtue, my nerdy friends, and what could be a better reward than my timely return? This week I have a couple pop culture items to bring to your attention in an effort to upgrade your collective interesting-ness quotient for whatever girl might be striking your… Read More

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    Notes for nerds: meet CrunchGirl

    Well, hello there. It looks like I’ll be joining you from time to time to enlighten you on the many moods and musings of fair ladies everywhere, and maybe even attract a few of them (and let’s be honest, their advertisers) to the the site. Cause let’s face it, some things are just in need of a touch of girly charm. You can call me CrunchGirl, and yes, I come here often. My… Read More