CrunchDeals: $100 Android Netbook

Yep, an Android netbook. 1SaleADay has the Augen 10.2-inch Android 2.1 netbook up for only $99. Now, this netbook is probably not for the weak. No, it’s probably best to only buy this if you alr

CrunchDeals: $100 Off The G-Slate

We liked the G-Slate – it’s a very nice Android tablet and worth looking into – and now you can get $100 off by calling into T-Mo and ordering before April 27.

CrunchDeals: 8GB iPod Touch For $185 Shipped

Quick! You’ve got three and a half hours (as of my writing this) to pick up a new iPod touch at this solid price — $185 is $45 off the normal $230. 8GB isn’t a lot of space, to be su

CrunchDeals: External Seagate 3TB Hard Drive For $125

<img src="">It's a crazy age we're living in that you can sna

CrunchDeals: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 For $5

<img src="" />Wow, this is a pretty crazy deal. Impulse is selling <em>Battlefield: Bad Company 2</em>, which the guys tell me is just exce

CrunchDeals: Super Mega Worm For Super Mega Free

<img src="" class="center"> Super Mega Worm, the best game about worms that eat people and jewels and dirt, is now free on the Ma

Verizon Prices First-Gen iPads To Move

<img src="" style="float:right;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;margin:8px;" />Following in the footsteps of AT&T, Verizon

CrunchDeals: Viewsonic G 10-Inch Tablet For $279.99

<img src="" /> WOOT! I mean <a HREF="">Woot</a> has the Viewsonic G Android tablet for you and yours

CrunchDeals: Laugh It Up Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy

The Family Guy adaptation of Star Wars is perhaps Seth MacFarlane’s greatest┬ácontribution┬áto humanity — and the Blu-ray release is on sale at Amazon for only $20. Seriously, can you thin

CrunchDeals: Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4 Noise Isolating Earphones

Logitech has a tasty offer going on a high quality set of earphones. The Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4 is on sale $49 at Logitech but if you use the coupon code from DealNews — superfi4_311 — it

CrunchDeals: Chumby One Smart Internet Companion

Your desk needs a Chumby. It will bring joy and fun to your otherwise boring workspace. Am I right? Does looking at your desk bring thoughts of tall buildings and pills to your mind? Yeah, the Chumby

CrunchDeals: Movado 800 Series Diver's Watch for $386

<img src="" class="right"> Chronoshark has a nice deal on the Movado 800 series diver on a steel bracelet. This is a quartz watch but i

CrunchDeals: Wilsons Leather Texting Gloves

Men, listen. It’s okay to own texting gloves. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to use your phone while keeping your hands warm. Wilsons Leather has a nice sale on a set of leather gloves

CrunchDeals: NookColor For $199, Until 3PM ET

<img src="" />The NookColor is one of <a href="">Barnes and Noble's entrants</a> to the

CrunchDeals: 40% Off ScottEVest Stuff

<img src="" />Type in coupon code 10SALE40 to rock 40% off of <a HREF="">SeV<

CrunchDeal: Logitech Z-4 80W 2.1-Channel Speakers

<img src="" />It's time once again for another <a href="">CrunchDeal</a>. This one comes from <a

CrunchDeals: 7" Android eBook Reader Tablet

<img src="" /><a href="">CrunchDeals</a>, get your Crunch

CrunchDeals: Walmart's Rolling Prices Out Of The Pocket (football reference) In Time For The Super Bowl

(It’s funny because Peyton’s not going this year — or next) Hopefully it’s widely known by now that the weeks preceding the Super Bowl is the best time out of the whole year to

CrunchDeals: Samsung Galaxy Tab Reduced To $249

<img src="" /> Get thee to the T-Moblery. The <a HREF="

CrunchDeals: HTC Evo 4G For $99

The Evo 4G is a beautiful, if large, phone, and it just got better: Amazon is selling it for $99 with contract on Sprint where it happens to be the retailer’s top-selling phone.
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