• Bijan Sabet on Why He Has a Hard Time Investing in Africa…and Boston [TCTV]

    This week’s Ask a VC was with Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital, a standout in the younger generation of VCs whether you are looking at his portfolio (Twitter, Tumbr, Boxee, SendMe) or talking to entrepreneurs who work with him. I asked Sabet about how fundraising went for Spark Capital, which just raised its third fund, and how much that early investment in Twitter helped the process. We… Read More

  • Come Work In Our Beautiful New Office

    Come Work In Our Beautiful New Office

    So now that we have this big, amazing office in San Francisco, directly across from the Caltrain station (read: commuter friendly) and a stone’s throw away from AT&T Park (go SF Giants), we need to fill it with more great people. We’re hiring. Lots. Join us and our modest goal of world domination. We love what we do. You can too. Lots of other jobs around the world are listed… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs: College Humor,, MyWire, isocket and more

    Check out the jobs on CrunchBoard. Jobs from New York to San Francisco to Germany. See jobs in Europe here. In the last couple of weeks we have added more than 50 jobs on CrunchBoard, including a Ruby Developer and student intern here at TechCrunch. Click through to see a quick sample of some jobs posted. Read More

  • Yahoo Loses The Brains Behind Boss

    The brains behind Yahoo Boss, a young engineer named Vik Singh, is leaving Yahoo to become an entrepreneur-in-residence at Sutter Hill Ventures. Earlier this year, Singh was named to Technology Review’s 35 Under 35 list at the age of 24. Singh is exactly the kind of talent Yahoo should be trying to hold onto, but that is hard to do now that it is ceding search to Microsoft. Singh is… Read More

  • Want Your iPhone To Sound Like A Hotel Lobby Designed By Philippe Starck? There's An App for That.

    We’ve seen free iPhone apps, $1,000 iPhone apps, promotional apps, pointless apps, and offensive apps. Now we have the high-concept app. This is a little like conceptual art, except that it doesn’t quite rise to that level. One example of a concept app that just hit the iTunes Store is 24 Hours: The Starck Mix (iTunes link). It is a 24-hour soundtrack streamed to your iPhone… Read More

  • CrunchBoard: Content Associate, PHP Developer, Search Specialist

    Its CrunchBoard time, so let’s take a look back at the recent job news. Super Secret startup MOBshop is looking for some serious coding guns for hire. They say MOBshop “will hit the intersection of mobile and physical worlds.” If your looking to get your name out there and do some networking, lets you create some cool online business cards. It’s time to get… Read More

  • CrunchBoard: TPS Reports Annoying The Job Out Of You?

    If you’re annoyed by TPS reports right now, consider yourself lucky. This week saw the staff reduction of MySpace by 30%, to bring the total number down around 1000 employees. Things dont look good abroad as well. But the situation might be turning a corner. Last week the U.S. Labor Department issued their Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report. While it showed an increase of 608,000… Read More

  • TinyPetition Aims To Become The Default Petition Engine For Twitter

    Dan Blake from Harkness Labs – who is working on far more projects at the same time than he could possibly tell me about in just one conversation – recently filled me in on his latest Twitter-related venture, TinyPetition. Basically, Blake is looking to address the apparent need for a tool that allows the many opinionated people that inhabit Twitterland to voice their concerns… Read More

  • Crunchboard: Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers…

    For job hunters in Europe, check out our Europe CrunchBoard. Don’t forget we’re looking for a few good hackers here at TechCrunch. Here’s a few Crunchboard jobs: Web Developer – Fast Growth
    Sloshspot, Inc – San Jose, CA Software Engineers
    Extendy – Virtual Location Application Architect
    frog design inc. – San Francisco, CA Back End Developer
    Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs: Calling all Job Hunters

    With the apparent ease in layoffs, things might be looking up. This week we saw quite a few new jobs on CrunchBoard as companies are still looking for some tech savvy employees. But then again, according to analyst Christa Quarles, we might all be in the wrong industry. For job hunters in Europe, check out our Europe CrunchBoard. Don’t forget we’re looking for a few good hackers… Read More

  • Tech Jobs Still Scarce But Layoffs May Be Slowing Down

    April proved to be a dismal month for technology sector jobs and overall employment, but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Granted, this morning brought sobering news of the U.S. unemployment rate hitting its highest mark since 1983: 8.9%. In the past month, 700,000 jobs were lost in the U.S., bringing the total number of U.S. jobs lost since December, 2007 to 5.7 million in… Read More

  • Following Their Massive Layoffs, Hi5 Gets A New Leader

    Last month, the social network hi5 cut a large percentage of its staff following a new round of funding that didn’t materialized. Now, the self-dubbed “world’s leading social entertainment web site” is getting a new leader at the top. Bill Gossman, formerly the CEO of the online advertising service Audience Science, is taking over as CEO of Hi5. Grossman was brought in… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs: Product Manager, Technical Operations Manager

    This week we saw quite a few new jobs on CrunchBoard, companies are still adding positions in New York, Silicon Valley, Boston, Philadelphia, and Austin. For job hunters in Europe, check out our Europe CrunchBoard. Dont’t forget we’re looking for a few good hackers here at TechCrunch. New jobs on CrunchBoard: Product Manager
    BillShrink – Redmond City, CA Software… Read More

  • TribeHQ Is The "Micro-Jobbing" Platform For All Things Job Related

    With the popularity of Twitter and the proliferation of symbiotic applications designed to feed off the Twitter phenomenon, it’s becoming increasingly uncommon to see startups taking a stab at creating a totally new “micro-blogging” platform. That’s why it’s always fascinating to see how people are trying to reinvent the Twitter wheel. TribeHQ has launched its… Read More

  • Shows 45% Drop In Tech Jobs

    This morning’s news about the latest unemployment statistics was dismal and quite sobering. The U.S. has lost 5 million jobs in the past 16 months, and the unemployment rate has hit a 25 year high, reaching 8.5%. Our own TechCrunch layoff tracker reports nearly 320,000 tech jobs lost since August. While jobs are being shed at an unprecedented rate, job listings are also being affected… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs: Web Sales Manager, Senior Metrics Engineer, Lead Qualifier

    It’s time for CrunchBoard Jobs. This week we saw layoffs at UStream and companies hit the deadpool, but never fear as new ways to find a job came to light. Are you a Rails UI Engineer? How about a (soon to be) Director of Blogger Networks? We’ve got jobs all over the country, from a Salesforce Developer in New York to an Interaction Designer in Colorado. Job hunters in Europe can… Read More

  • CrunchBoard: Tech Job Listings Decline, Data Confirms The Obvious

    The unemployment rate in the U.S. continues to trend up, and the tech sector certainly hasn’t been spared from the overall economic turmoil. We’ve noticed a general downward trend in our monthly tech job listings on CrunchBoard over the last year, too, which confirms what is already obvious – there’s less hiring going on out there. A year ago 100 – 120 job… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs: TechCrunch Remote Intern, Director of Marketing, VP Mobile Ad Sales, CTO

    Update: TechCrunch is looking for 4 remote interns–5+ hours per week. While this week saw fewer new jobs on CrunchBoard, companies are still adding jobs in New York, Silicon Valley, Boston, Philadelphia, and telecommute. (Here at TechCrunch, we’re looking for a Rails Developer.) New jobs on CrunchBoard: Software Engineer
    Yelp – San Francisco, CA Vice President Online… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs: Widget Developer, SEO Specialist, Python Developer, More…

    Despite the continuous stream of layoffs, CrunchBoard this week has the most diverse job listings I’ve seen yet. There’s both a range of job types–from marketing to technical–and a wide variety of job locations, from New York to Dallas to San Francisco to Portland, OR. Want to work as a social media planner in Philadelphia?
    Or a product manager at Newsweek Digital in… Read More

  • CrunchBoard This Week: Two New Services

    Starting a high tech company often means going at it alone, but eventually every start-up needs some outside help – whether from lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, or special types of vendors. And other times, a company just needs to sell things. Unfortunately, startups don’t always know where to find help or list items for sale. To help them in these regards, we’ve… Read More