CrunchBase Raises $2M Series A2, Launches Paid Plans For Data Access

CrunchBase, a service that surfaces information about startup funding, venture capital investments and people in the startup ecosystem, was spun out of TechCrunch and its parent company AOL/Verizon la

The 20 Highest Paying Startup Unicorns

We pulled together all 153 unicorns currently listed on the Crunchbase Unicorn Leaderboard and then matched them up with data provided by Glassdoor to give you, our readers, the top 20 highest paying

AOL/Verizon Completes Spinout Of CrunchBase Funded By Emergence Capital

CrunchBase, the database of startups, other tech companies and the people who work in them that was originally developed alongside TechCrunch, is spinning out from AOL/Verizon. Emergence Capital is

CrunchBase Introduces a Detail-Rich “Leaderboard” for the Unicorn Obsessed

These days, everyone seems to have a unicorn list. And why wouldn’t they? The number of privately held companies to pass the billion-dollar valuation mark has soared so dramatically in recent years

13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week, Apple held an event in San Francisco during which it announced tons of new hardware, rival transportation apps in Asia battled for more funding, and Periscope added Facebook sharing. This i

CrunchBase Is Spinning Out, Backed by Emergence Capital

Eight-year-old, San Francisco-based CrunchBase looks to become a standalone company in the very near future. According to several sources, the unit, which calls itself the “definitive database of th

CrunchBase And Compass Partner To Rank Global Startup Ecosystems

Our data and analytics loving sister company CrunchBase is partnering with Compass (the minds behind the 2012 Startup Genome Project) on a new study to provide a taxonomy for global startup ecosystem

CrunchBase Launching New Events Section

CrunchBase, the business graph to TechCrunch's business laugh, is launching a new feature here at Disrupt Europe in London. It's a new events section that old CrunchBase is rolling out with some snazz

CrunchBase Grows Its Global Reach, Adding Incubators, VC Partners And A New Leaderboard Feature

Everyone knows CrunchBase as the leading site for all the information that investors and the startup community may need. But now the site that's given you so much for so little is adding even more fea

Venture Investors Begin To Drill In To Oil Deals

The oil and gas business is technologically challenging, data-heavy, and traditionally ignored by venture capitalists. But a few firms are looking to change that with a new concentration on software a

VCs Say “Ni Hao” To Chinese Startups

Venture capital investment in Chinese startup companies is surging again. After several years of a moribund market, investment in Chinese technology startups is en vogue again thanks in part to the so

[Updated] Hey Boss, Let Me Know If CrunchBase Is Getting Sold?

If there's one thing to take away from the conversation CrunchBase co-founders Mike Arrington and current President Matt Kaufman had on stage, it's that if venture investors want to make a bid for the

Meet The New CrunchBase

Since it was first launched in 2007, CrunchBase has been an invaluable source of information about major companies, startups, investors, and executives in the tech ecosystem. Today we're proud to intr

Hey, Big Spender! Venture Investment Soars In January

Holy shit did venture capitalists spend a lot of money in January. Investments in new companies shot to $5.8 billion by the end of the month up from $3.5 billion over the same period last year, acc

Euro Secondhand Marketplace Vinted Raises $27M To Take On The Salvation Army

The clothes may be cheap, but prices for tech companies launching mobile and web-based marketplaces to sell secondhand and consignment clothing keep going up.  The latest company trying to get people

CrunchBase Reveals: The Average Successful Startup Raises $41M, Exits at $242.9M

The CrunchBase dataset has now captured more venture exits than ever, so we decided to take a closer look at what successful startups can tell us about venture investing and the startup landscape.

The Startup Accelerator Trend Is Finally Slowing Down

Starting a company has never been easy. Not having to worry about market research and resources can be the difference between getting off the ground and moving back in with your parents. This might ex

CrunchBase Analysis Of Investment Activity By Season

Many people in tech believe that VCs slow the pace of their investing during the summer, especially in August. We wanted to verify this using the CrunchBase dataset by comparing deals over the past fe

How CrunchBase Data Compares To Other Industry Sources

Now that the CrunchBase team has spent some quality time improving our data sets, we thought it'd be interesting to see how our free database of companies stacks up against other industry sources on a

Dear VCs — Join The CrunchBase Venture Program And Get Better Startup Data

Back <a href="">in April</a> we announced the <a target="_blank" href="
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