The story of the PlayStation

<img src="">Only a few devices really redefined my life: that stent, a fire truck, the Ford Fairmont, and the PlayStation are a few that

Nyko looks to replace that chintzy RB/GH drum pedal with the Metal Pedal

My thoughts on Rock Band/Guitar Hero accessories haven’t changed and I doubt they ever will, but Nyko’s Metal Pedal looks bitchin. Or course, my affinity for anything with skulls may be clouding m

This PSP 2 render looks better than the real thing

Once again, the render looks better than the actual product. Specifically, this render for the PSP 2—I emphasize, it’s an unofficial render—looks better than the PSP 3000, the latest

Nintendo takes console sales… again

Fine. The Wii is great. I concede that the Wii is the best platform out there because a) the 360 is too old and b) the PSP and PS3 have no good games. The NPD numbers: Nintendo Wii: 721,000 units Xbox

CrunchArcade Retro: Entire 1981 Atari catalog online

OK, it’s not news, but it’s sweet: someone scanned an entire Atari catalog from 1981 and posted it on the Internet for posterity’s sake. Strange man with a strange mission, we salute

The Bourne Conspiracy ships June 3

The Bourne series of films is quite popular, and there are persistent rumors of a fourth in the series, but until then you’ll be able to get your Bourne fix in The Bourne Conspiracy, a FPS comin

Guitar Hero Makes Kids Go to Eleven

Farhad at Salon’s Machinis wrote a great piece on the effect of Guitar Hero on the popularity of guitar music. In my humble opinion, playing Hero has as much to do with playing the guitar as pou