Bag Week Review: Crumpler Pinnacle of Horror

This is my new go-to bag. That's saying something, too. Despite reviewing <a href="">dozens</a> of computers bags during my tenure at TechCrunch, I've stuck wi

Bag Week Reviews: Crumpler Boston Heist Duffel Bag

Short version: Do you have a need to transport a small dog and a notebook in the same bag? Because this bag is up to the task. (Note: I’m not recommending you carry your dog in this bag. Your co

Bag Week: Crumpler King Single

<img class="size-full wp-image-130382 aligncenter" title="crumpler1" src="" /></a>The Crumpler King Single is a laptop backpack with a

Bag Week: Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home

Finding a good multipurpose bag can be difficult. The Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home is a good example of a shoulder style camera bag with optional laptop storage. It works best as a camera bag; the l

Two new bags from Crumpler

Crumpler bags are often better known for their fun Aussie looks; confoundingly silly names; and playfully obtuse catalogue descriptions; than they are for their pure functionality to photographers. Wh

Crumpler gets Squirrely at Macworld

Crumpler makes great gear and their booth is always top notch. This year they’ve got some crazy theme that I don’t quite understand, but it’s certainly eye catching and the best of t

Crumpler's Regifting Day

Even though “Seinfeld” has been off the air for over nine years, I still reference it quite a bit. Who doesn’t celebrate Festivus or quietly chant “serenity now”? I find

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Crumpler's Brazillion Dollar Home

<img src=" Isn't that what they always say? Yeah, it irritates the feck out of me, too. I was in the market for a camera bag a little while

Crumpler B4B Party

Hypnotic From Chicago I just got back from the Crumpler B4B party at the Highline Ballroom in NYC and I’m a little buzzed. The event was a success and this year was way better than last year. If

Crumpler Beer For Bags, One More Day To Go

Do you see all the beer? I love Stella Artois! OK, everyone, you have until Sunday to get your derriere to either of the Manhattan Crumpler stores to trade in some beer for bags. It’s first come

Crumpler Beer For Bags, It's On Like Donkey Kong

Photo courtesy of Nifer Don’t forget, folks, that Crumpler’s Beer For Bags event is going on in NYC. It’s quite simple, you see: bring in beer for a sweet ass bag and then come back

Crumpler Beer For Bags Part Duex

Last Year’s Raging Party Alright, folks, the time is near and I’m getting mighty thirsty. If you’re in NYC between June 9 and June 17 then I suggest you mosey on over to one of the two C

Crumpler Beer for Bags 2007

The video shows last year’s B4B event. Look at all that beer! I love Crumpler almost as much as I love beer. So imagine for a moment, the complete unfettered excitement I feel as the 2nd annual

Crumpler Geek Travel Contest Concludes

Sorry I didn’t announce this on Friday as I had promised. A vicious case of Strep throat has floored me for the past few days. Anyway, I know it’s late, but I’m sure you all would st

Crumpler Geek Travel Contest Winner Part Deux

We have our second winner! After poring through the comments from the past 24 hours, we’ve settled upon one commenter who tickled us beyond the rest. Could it be you? Maybe….

Crumpler Geek Travel Contest Update

One winner is down and the contest chugs on. We still have two Crumpler bags to give away in our Geek Travel Reader Response contest. I’ve been pleased with the influx of comments we’ve ha

Crumpler Geek Travel Contest Winner #1

I know it’s well into the evening, but I was preoccupied getting the below comparison done. Please forgive me my darlings! Well I know you will since I have the first winner for our Crumpler Gee

Crumpler Geek Travel Contest Update

Contest day two! We’ll be announcing the first winner later on today. I’m happy with the comments so far and I know they’re just going to keep getting better. For those of you just t

Crumpler's Brazillion Dollar Home

Crumpler USA, makers of some of the best bags available, is readying a new flagship pack. The Brazillion Dollar Home is probably the most ridiculously full-featured bag I’ve ever encountered. Th