Cruise, Waymo near approval to charge for 24/7 robotaxis in San Francisco

Self-driving vehicle companies Waymo and Cruise are on the cusp of securing final approval to charge fares for fully autonomous robotaxi rides throughout the city of San Francisco at all hours of the

Self-driving cars are taking ages to become a reality, but they won’t take forever

My dream of never having to drive again is far from dead. I just need to add five or 10 years to my prior timelines.

Cruise expands supervised self-driving ride-hailing to Houston and Dallas

Cruise is rolling out its self-driving cars to more cities — specifically, to Houston and Dallas as it expands its Texas-based presence. Cruise already started testing its vehicles in Austin at

Cruise robotaxis are now operating everywhere, all at once in San Francisco (for employees)

Cruise co-founder and CEO Kyle Vogt said Tuesday that the company’s fleet of robotaxis are now operating 24 hours a day throughout all of San Francisco. And if you’re an employee, you can

Cruise recalls 300 robotaxis, issues software update after crashing into city bus

GM’s self-driving unit Cruise filed with federal regulators a voluntary recall to update the software in 300 robotaxis after one struck the back of a city bus in San Francisco. Cruise said in a

Cruise to begin testing Origin robotaxis in Austin in coming weeks

Cruise, the self-driving unit under GM, is rolling out its custom-built Origin robotaxi on Austin’s public streets in the next several weeks, CEO Kyle Vogt said while onstage at SXSW. The Origin

Cruise soft-launches robotaxi rides in Phoenix and Austin

Cruise has soft-launched its fully driverless robotaxi service in Austin. Texas and near Phoenix, Arizona, making its own deadline to enter two new markets before the end of 2022. The GM-backed compan

Cruise’s autonomous driving tech comes under scrutiny from safety regulators

U.S. safety regulators have opened a preliminary investigation into the robotaxis developed and operated by GM self-driving subsidiary Cruise. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration sa

GM’s Cruise pursuing permit to test its custom-built ‘Origin’ robotaxi in San Francisco

Cruise, GM’s self-driving technology subsidiary, has started the long and winding regulatory process to test its next-generation “Origin” robotaxi on public roads in San Francisco. T

Cruise has expanded its driverless robotaxi service to daytime hours

Cruise is expanding its driverless ride-hailing service in San Francisco to daytime hours, Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt tweeted Wednesday. The robotaxi service is now available to employees 24 hours a day. Ev

Cruise opens robotaxi waitlist in Austin and Phoenix

Cruise, General Motors’ autonomous vehicle subsidiary, is now inviting potential passengers in Phoenix and Austin to join the waitlist to be among the first Cruise robotaxi passengers. The compa

Why Cruise is making its own chips, and a lot more besides

Cruise never planned to make its own silicon. But in the quest to commercialize robotaxis — and make money doing it — those never-planned pursuits can suddenly seem a lot more appealing. Cruise re

Porsche 911’s new meaning, a bot rolls into a crime scene and the bright side of a tiny Detroit auto show

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Cruise to launch robotaxi services in Austin, Phoenix before end of 2022

GM’s self-driving technology unit Cruise will launch commercial robotaxi services in Austin, Texas and Phoenix — two hot spots for autonomous vehicle development — “in the next 90 days

GM’s Cruise recalls, updates software in 80 robotaxis following crash

Cruise, the autonomous vehicle unit under GM, reported a software recall and update in 80 of its robotaxis following a crash in June. The crash, which resulted in minor injuries to two riders, receive

Baidu to operate fully driverless commercial robotaxi in Wuhan and Chongqing

Chinese internet giant Baidu has secured permits to offer a fully driverless commercial robotaxi service, with no human driver present, in Chongqing and Wuhan via the company’s autonomous ride-h

Cruise hopes ramping its robotaxi service will U-turn its cash burn

Cruise, the General Motors subsidiary dedicated to commercializing autonomous vehicles, saw a jump in expenses during the second quarter as the company launched its first commercial robotaxi service i

3 indicators to watch for on GM Q2 earnings day

The auto industry’s woes are far from over, but the second half of the year represents a return to planning for the future rather than responding to short-term supply chain crises. General Motors, w

Daily Crunch: Cartona will use $12M Series A to expand its Egypt-based, B2B e-commerce platform

Happy new week! Christine went on a well-deserved break, so you’ll have to deal with a double dose of my awful puns and worse headline shenanigans for a bit.

Cruise starts mapping Dubai’s streets in prep for 2023 robotaxi launch

Cruise is making good on its promise to launch an autonomous driving service in Dubai. Just a few weeks after the General Motors-backed AV company officially launched its commercial driverless operati
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