• Poor economy leads to increase in CRT sales: Plasma, LCD too expensive

    The dreadful economy has led to an increase in the number of inexpensive picture tube TVs sold. Likewise, sales of LCDs and plasmas—”dude check out my flat screen”—have flatlined. I guess people value eating and paying the rent/mortgage more than watching “My Name is Earl” in HD. These numbers come from DisplaySearch, a research outfit that tracks and… Read More

  • PC towers and CRTs in Starbucks

    They have WiFi, so why not bring your old Packard Bell in? ImprovEverywhere via via BB Read More

  • LG CRT’s For the Cheapskate in All of Us

    For a NY minute I thought CRT’s were gone for good, but I was wrong…dead wrong. LG has announced a new CRT that they hope consumers will think is an LCD TV. It’s geared towards the Middle East and Africa, but I’m sure you could find a way to pick one up. The 21-inch CRT is about 75 percent cheaper than an LCD and its deflection angle of 120 degrees makes it the thinnest of… Read More