A Very Flappy Crowdtilted Journalism Experiment

Two weeks ago, I did a small experiment. I put a campaign on Crowdtilt to raise money to go to Vietnam and talk to Dong Nguyen, the creator of the sleeper hit Flappy Bird. At the absolute peak of the

Crowdtilt Publicly Launches Its Open Source, Customizable Crowdfunding Platform, Now Called CrowdtiltOpen

Fresh off its $23 million in Series B funding from Andreessen Horowitz and others, crowdfunding platform Crowdtilt is opening up its open source, white-label platform CrowdtiltOpen to all intereste

How Cryptocurrency, Crowdfunding And A Little Internet Altruism Saved Jamaica’s Hopes For Bobsled Gold

Just in case you missed it, a heart-warming story unfolded this week involving an unlikely combination of bobsled, Jamaica, virtual currency, crowdfunding and generosity. It has all the makings of an

Balanced Takes Open Source Product Development To The Next Level With Crowdfunding Campaign

Balanced will be adding a new feature to its arsenal of payments features in the coming months, allowing customers to push payments directly to debit cards. But this product development cycle comes wi

Crowdtilt Raises Another $23 Million From Andreessen Horowitz & Others For International Expansion, Enterprise Tools

Crowdfunding platform <a target="_blank" href="">Crowdtilt</a> wasn't looking to raise another round, but when their Series A lead investor Andreessen Horowitz offered to le

Crowdtilt Goes Mobile With First App, Will Soon Let Anyone Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign On The Go

As we've discussed before, thanks to a handful of names, including Kickstarter and Indiegogo and the gaggle of startups that have emerged in their wake, crowdfunding is on the "Big screen." Yet, the t

Crowdtilt Launches Crowdhoster To Let Anyone Create, Customize And Host Their Own Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdtilt is today launching the first public version of Crowdhoster -- its full-featured, open-source, customizable crowdfunding tool that will allow anyone to launch their own campaign without havin

Crowdtilt Confirms $12M Raise From Andreessen, Sean Parker, Dave Morin & Others; Tables Mobile Acquisition

Last month, <a href="">we reported that Crowdtilt, the

Crowdfunding Platform Crowdtilt Lands $12M From Sean Parker, Andreessen & More; Now Acquiring To Expand Into Mobile

Today, TechCrunch has learned from sources that <a target="_blank" href="">Crowdtilt</a> has raised $12 million in Series A financing. It's the startup's second round of fund

Crowdtilt Launches Crowdfunding API To Give Developers Easy Access To Group Payments & Social Fundraising

<a href="">Since launching in February</a>, Y Combinator grad <a target="_blank" href="

Group-Funding Platform Crowdtilt Opens To Non-Profits, Now Offers Tax-Deductible Donations, Receipts

<a href="">Since we first covered its launch</a> back in February, <a target="_blank" h

Reddit Gets Two New Donation Options Powered By Crowdtilt And Dwolla

Dwolla, the web-based payments platform, and Crowdtilt, the web-based crowdfunding platform, are formalizing Reddit's capacity to tap into the power of the Internet as a force for good with today's in

Alexia’s Headphones: How We Used CrowdTilt’s Group-Funding Platform To Replace Stolen Property

On the 25th of June, our dearest Alexia Tsotsis had <a target="_blank" href="">an incredibly rough day</a

Kickstarter For Groups And Events: YC Alum Crowdtilt Picks Up $2.1M From SV Angel, YC Partners And More

The rush of interest around crowdfunding is spawning many variations on the theme, and one of the more original of them -- <a href="">Crowdtilt</a>, part of the most recent cro

Y Combinator-Backed Crowdtilt Launches To Become The “Kickstarter For Any Group”

Inherently, we like doing things in groups, as it makes our experiences more social. It's not about what we're doing so much as who we're doing it with that makes our experiences enjoyable. Group mess